Musical Theatre (Performance and Pedagogy Major)

Master of Music Program (M.M.)

Musical theatre

1. Two technical exercises: (sing in a sustained vowel “Ah”)
1.1 Accompanied – Choose one piece from No. 1 – No. 4 from The Art of Singing (Twenty-Four Vocalises), Op. 81 by Heinrich Panofka
1.2 Unaccompanied – J. Lyon, Vocal Studies, No. 1

2. Six songs:
2.1 Sing One operatic aria or art song in foreign language that is not in English. (Italian recommend)
2.2 Sing five contrasting music theatre selections in English.
1) One selection should be slow with a sustained vocal line.(Ballads) 
2) One selection should be fast and provide a contrast in rhythm, mood, characterization, style, and approach. It may show special skills, such as comic timing, dramatic flair, ability with patter, or “belting” for women.
3) One classic music theatre piece written prior to 1960.
4) One music theatre piece written after 1960.
5) One music theatre piece of candidate’s choice that shows the candidate’s dance/movement skills.

3. Acting:
Prepare two contrasting monologues in English (less than 4 minutes total).

4. Dance:
The applicant will present a ninety-second to two-minute dance piece choreographed to a musical theatre repertoire. It can be choreographed by the applicant or by others. It is not necessary to sing while dancing the piece. The applicant is required to bring their own music and speakers to the audition.

* If you need guidance on the classical selection or for the free choice options, please contact Voice Classic & Musical Theatre Department at the College.

* For online applicants / Video Audition
1. All applicants are required to record the video clips of a performance in order. Previous Video recording are not acceptable.  
2. Record a Long Take video end to end in the same clip and video editing is strictly prohibited.  
– Introduce yourself before starting the audition (Including name, applicant ID, department and audition round)
– Typing your name, songs and composers in order to Description on Youtube/ Video clips
– The camera’s perspective must clearly show the whole body. (Drink water are allowed)
3. Recording the video: sound and balance of the instrument’s or backing track should be reasonably. Piano accompanist is recommended.
4. Summit a Public or Unlisted Youtube link of non-edited video

English Proficiency Requirement

All incoming students must meet an English language requirement. Applicants can submit a copy of the score report from one of the following exams (or * from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Salaya campus). 

(MU GRAD Test + Speaking)
(Entrance Requirement)
(Except Doctoral Level)
Higher Graduate Diploma 
(W=10, S=10)
(W=5.0, S=5.0)
(W=17, S=15)
(W=10, S=10)
(W=12, S=12)
(W=6.0, S=6.0)
(W=23, S=19)

W = Writing, S = Speaking

Music Theory and History Placement Exam

Basic Music Proficiencies
All incoming graduate* students are required to demonstrate general music proficiencies in basic music subjects, such as music theory and music history. For students that are unable to pass the exams, they must take additional review courses during the first year of study.

1. Required Exams

Western Instruments1. Western Music Theory   2. Western Music History
Thai/Eastern Instruments1. Western Music Theory   2. Thai Music Theory and History
Jazz Instruments (M.M. and D.M.)1. Jazz Proficiency Exam

2. General Exam Information
(1) All new graduate students must take the proficiency exams, regardless of the student’s program or major prior to the Entrance Interview, with an exception of applicants in Music Business Major of the Master of Arts program.
(2) Students who do not pass the exam(s) must take the respective basic course(s), which will be assigned by the Admission committee.
(3) Students must take any assigned basic courses the first time they are offered and for zero credit hours

3. Assigned Basic Courses after Music Proficiency Exams
The following table lists the basic courses that students must take if they cannot pass the Basic Music Proficiencies exams

TypeRequired ExamsBasic Courses from Basic Music Proficiencies
Western Instruments1. Western Music TheoryMSTC 530MSTC 635
2. Western Music HistoryMSCY521MSCY 648
Thai/Eastern Instruments1. Western Music TheoryMSTC 530MSTC 635
2. Thai Music Theory and HistoryMSTH512
MSCY 522MSCY 648
Jazz Instruments (M.M. and D.M.)1. Jazz Proficiency ExamMSJA 511
MSJA 512

Code detail:
MSTC 530 Western Music Theory Review
MSCY 521 Perspective of Western Music History
MSCY 522 Perspective of Thai Music History
MSTH 512 Thai Music Theory Review
MSJA 511 Perspective of Jazz History
MSJA 512 Jazz Theory Review
MSTC 635 Core Concepts in Music Theory
MSCY 648 Core Concepts in Music History

Tuition Fees
MajorYear 1Year 2All Program
Music Performance and Pedagogy (Plan B)222,000177,500399,500