Music Therapy

Master of Arts Program (M.A.)

Music Therapy Entrance Exam

1. Observation: Applicants must observe at least 2 hours of music therapy sessions with the therapy staff(s) from the College of Music. Also, they need to write their observation, which will be used as an application document, and submit it to the music therapy department afterward. Sessions are available at the College of Music. Please contact the Music Therapy Department to schedule dates and times for observation at Facebook page: Mahidol Music Therapy, email:, or 02- 800-2525 (ext. 4113). This must be done prior to the Entrance Examinations.
2.Written exam: Write the exam in Thai and English Language up to the question. The written exam will last for 2 hours. 

1. Basic knowledge about music therapy
2. What kind(s) of clients the applicant wants to work with, andgive example(s) of how a music therapist uses music with the clients
3. Applicant’s opinions on ethics
4. Reading and writing skills in Thai and English languages

Study Sources:  
American Music Therapy Association. (2005). What is music therapy.
Davis, W., Gfeller, K. E., & Thaut, M. (2008). An introduction to the theory and practice of music therapy (3rd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill College.
Hanser, S. B. (1999). The new music therapist’s handbook. Boston, MA: Berklee Press Publications.

3.Audition and Interview Requirements: The session will begin with performance of the prepared works. The applicant must perform the followings:
• ONE major work in a major performance medium
• TWO standard or popular songs (including ONE children song and ONE standard or popular song for adolescents/adults/seniors) own guitar accompaniment.
• ONE standard or popular song for adolescents/adults/seniors sung with own piano accompaniment.

In addition, the applicant will be interviewed and asked to answer questions on leadership and interaction with others. The audition will take 20-30 minutes per person.

Examination Mode
1. On-site examination
The on-site exam will be held at Music Therapy Department, College of Music, Mahidol University.

2. Online examination
The online examination will be held for only applicants staying out of Thailand during the exam date.

Written exam
– Google form will be used for answering the questions. Please prepare your equipment to access the google form readily. 
– The examinee must prepare another equipment such as computer or tablet to join in Webex Meeting and turn on a video camera in proper position that the exam committee can observe you during the test. 

Audition and Interview exam
– Webex meeting or Zoom Meeting will be used for the audition and Interview exam. Please readily prepare a video camera and audio systems that the exam committee can see and hear your voice and music clearly.

English Proficiency Requirement

All incoming students must meet an English language requirement. Applicants can submit a copy of the score report from one of the following exams (or * from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Salaya campus). 

(MU GRAD Test + Speaking)
(Entrance Requirement)
(Except Doctoral Level)
Higher Graduate Diploma 
(W=10, S=10)
(W=5.0, S=5.0)
(W=17, S=15)
(W=10, S=10)
(W=12, S=12)
(W=6.0, S=6.0)
(W=23, S=19)

W = Writing, S = Speaking

Thai Language Proficiency Requirement for International Student
(only for MA and PhD)

Both MA and PhD programs at the College of Music, Mahidol University are Thai programs. For non-native Thai speakers, you will need to submit a proof of Thai language proficiency as below:

CU-TFL N + (Novice Plus)                  
Or Thai Language Proficiency Test from an accredited institutionCEFR A2

1. The CU-TFL is a standardized exam designed by the Sirindhorn Thai Language Institute to evaluate Thai language proficiency in speech, reading comprehension, listening, and writing. For more information regarding the CU-TFL, please contact Ms. Paveena Kanjanapayont at or by phone at 02-218-9481.
2. Novice Plus or CEFR A2 levels are equal to the abilities of primary and junior high school students in the Thai education system. 
3. For students with ID’s 65 onwards

Music Theory and History Placement Exam

Basic Music Proficiencies

All incoming graduate* students are required to demonstrate general music proficiencies in basic music subjects, such as music theory and music history. For students that are unable to pass the exams, they must take additional review courses during the first year of study.  

1. Required Exams

Western Instruments1. Western Music Theory   2. Western Music History
Thai/Eastern Instruments1. Western Music Theory   2. Thai Music Theory and History
Jazz Instruments (M.M. and D.M.)1. Jazz Proficiency Exam

2. General Exam Information

(1) All new graduate students must take the proficiency exams, regardless of the student’s program or major prior to the Entrance Interview, with an exception of applicants in Music Business Major of the Master of Arts program.
(2) Students who do not pass the exam(s) must take the respective basic course(s), which will be assigned by the Admission committee.
(3) Students must take any assigned basic courses the first time they are offered and for zero credit hours.

3. Assigned Basic Courses after Music Proficiency Exams

The following table lists the basic courses that students must take if they cannot pass the Basic Music Proficiencies exams

TypeRequired ExamsBasic Courses from Basic Music Proficiencies
Western Instruments1. Western Music TheoryMSTC 530MSTC 635
2. Western Music HistoryMSCY521MSCY 648
Thai/Eastern Instruments1. Western Music TheoryMSTC 530MSTC 635
2. Thai Music Theory and HistoryMSTH512
MSCY 522MSCY 648
Jazz Instruments (M.M. and D.M.)1. Jazz Proficiency ExamMSJA 511
MSJA 512

Code detail:
MSTC 530 Western Music Theory Review
MSCY 521 Perspective of Western Music History
MSCY 522 Perspective of Thai Music History
MSTH 512 Thai Music Theory Review
MSJA 511 Perspective of Jazz History
MSJA 512 Jazz Theory Review
MSTC 635 Core Concepts in Music Theory
MSCY 648 Core Concepts in Music History

Tuition Fees

Thai students

MajorYear 1Year 2 Work-Site Study FeeAll Program
Music Therapy 135,000135,000 70,000340,000

International students

MajorYear 1Year 2 Work-Site Study FeeAll Program
Music Therapy 155,000155,000 70,000380,000

*the tuition fees might be change according to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University’s announcement*