Thai Music

Bachelor Programs

The Thai Music Major of the College of Music, Mahidol University trains students to a professional standard. Preserving the heritage of Thailand’s rich traditional music history, students will have opportunities to learn and play alongside our team of renowned artists, as well as play in both traditional and contemporary ensembles.

Core Experiences

Professional Competency

Learn from our team of renowned faculty.

Integrative Learning.

Play along with our esteemed Thai music faculty and integrate with other departments, for example, music theater and popular music.


The sky is the limit to what the future of Thai traditional music can and will be. Creativity is born here from a strong foundation.

Research Based Learning

Our strong music education and musicology programs have led to teaching that is both traditional and research-based at the same time.

Program Information

Music Entrepreneurship and Innovation – MEI

MOU project between College of Music Mahidol University and College of Management Mahidol University, offer a fast track in Bachelor of Music and Master of Management in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 4.5 years!

Our Faculty

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nachaya Natchanawakul


Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanong Klangprasri

Folk Music

Saharat Chanchaleum


Duangduan Longsawas

Thai Vocal