Music Technology

Music Technology is study or the use of any device to work on sound. To becoming a sound engineer or sound designer in recording studio and live sound engineering system. Students will learn how to use all the equipment in both analog and digital components. For example, microphone, outboard gears and create creative project with computer music techniques for all type of media.

Entrance Examination
1. Audition (Choose one style)
2. Major examination (Written exam.)
3. Program interview (Incase pass audition/major exam. and have the list to interview)
4. Basic knowledge (Choose one group)
4.1 Western Instrument (submit TIME)     
1) Western music theory Grade 12          
2) Ear training Grade 12
4.2 Western Instrument (submit TIME)     
1) Thai music theory Grade 12                
2) Western music theory Grade 5

Music Technology Major Examination
The exam will be testing in type of microphone, comparison between before and after audio processing, understanding the audio signal flow, basic electronic, audio equipment in recording studio, music production with computer music software and general knowledge in music technology

Music technology major exams with online exam methods;

Entrance Examination of Music Technology Department 1 Part

  • Multiple-choice Examination via Kahoot 
  • Total 40 Multiple-choice questions: Score 40.
  • Duration of examination; candidates must complete 1 question within 30-60 seconds time frame.
  • The acceptance candidates are required to hold the highest score 1-10 only (the number may subject to change as appropriate). 
  • Not allow for dual screens or secondary devices, no use of additional internet browser, neither access to any other materials nor open books during examination.
  • Consequence of examination malpractice found; candidate will be debarred and expulsed from the examination outright.
  • To Log in the examination, identify yourself with the first 3 letters of your name, and follow with your examination ID number.
  • The examination will be arranged only at college of music Mahidol university

What to bring for your examination.

1. Please bring your own device for examination: Personal Tablet, or Mobile phone iOS or Android which connected to internet.

Must be download before the Examination Day:

For students living abroad, please contact admissions unit for more online exam information.

Audition Requirement

Choose one (style) Follow the audition requirement of;
Classic Classical Music Performance
Thai Thai and Eastern Music
Jazz Jazz
Pop Popular Music
Musical TheaterMusical Theater

Thailand International Music Examination: TIME

1. How to apply with the TIME score

In order to study here, prospectus students should obtain a required result of TIME. The applicant will need to apply for TIME for Thai Music theory, Music Theory, and Aural training. Requirement will depend on the major areas of application.

If the applicant did not pass the TIME (<60%), but qualify for other areas, the applicant will be admitted to the college under condition and will be placed in the music foundation course as indicated in the program curriculum. However, applicant is allowed to re-take TIME and if the result is more than 60%, the applicant can submit the result for an update score (entering the first semester, until 30 April 2024 or entering the second semester, until 30 September 2024).

2. TIME Subjects to use for College of Music admission

Program / MajorTIME
(Thai Theory)
(Western Theory)
BachelorClassical Music Performancesubmit Grade 12submit Grade 12
Jazzsubmit Grade 12submit Grade 12
Thai and Eastern Musicsubmit Grade 12submit Grade 5
Popular Musicsubmit Grade 12submit Grade 12
Music Compositionsubmit Grade 12submit Grade 12
Musical Theatersubmit Grade 12submit Grade 12
Music Education and Pedagogy (Western)submit Grade 12submit Grade 12
Music Education and Pedagogy (Thai)submit Grade 12submit Grade 5
Music Business (Western)submit Grade 12submit Grade 12
Music Business (Thai)submit Grade 12submit Grade 5
Music Technology (Western)submit Grade 12submit Grade 12
Music Technology (Thai)submit Grade 12submit Grade 5

3. Applicants can purchase an application form, handbook, and register at

1) TIME, branch MCGP Seacon Square Srinakarin Tel.: 02 7219894 – 7 

2) TIME, branch MCGP Seacon Square Bangkae Tel.: 02 4582680

3) TIME, branch MCGP Siam Paragon Tel.: 02 1294542 – 6 

4) College of Music Shop, Salaya Tel.: 02 8002525 # 2504, 2505

4. TIME exams are available both on-site and online. (Please check before applying)

Contact TIME for more Information (on-site/online): 
mobile phone no. 081 918 5381, call no. 02 4582680
Contact TIME for submit scores TIME:,

Tuition Fees
MajorYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4All Program
Music Technology (Western Music)197,000167,400153,800107,900626,100
Music Technology (Western Music)
• String (except Harp)
• Woodwind
• Brass
• Voice
• Voice Musical Theater
Music Technology (Thai Music)107,900170,100148,400110,600626,100