The College of Music, Mahidol University Branding

Branding (Corporate Identity) of the College of Music reflects who we are, what we do, and how we do it (reputation). The College of Music has already established an excellent reputation in educating and cultivate professional in Art and Music industry. Now, we have to communicate what we have to offer and represent through our brand. One of the College branding strategy is the consistent usage of our brands.

Each departments and sectors have individual identities and missions, but we all share a common vision and commitment. When communicate with the society, through print, digital, or social media, we should communicate and present ourselves with a unified voice and image.


1. Logo

Logo is one of the communication tools that is immediately recognizable. Consistent and thoughtful usage of logo(s) builds the College’s name and reputation, these can be downloaded HERE.

Master Logo

Master Logo 1 : Mahidol University Official logo

Master Logo 2 : The College of Music Official logo

When to use

The master logo 1 is the official logo of the College of Music, Mahidol University. It should be used on all external communications and any internal communications that need a more formal approach.

The master logo 2 is the official logo of the College of Music. This logo should be used for any internal communications (e.g., student recital, department concert), or any external communications as designated and approved by the Public Relation Office.

The correct usage of our logos and logo system is mandatory across all pieces of collateral. The logos should be used exactly as specified and should not be manipulated or altered.


Master Logo by itself

If you decided to not use our poster or banner template we provided, remember to give the logo its space. The Master Logo should always be on the left of the secondary logos. The downloadable logo we provide for you will come with grid around them. Do not impose on this space. It allows the logo to stand out on the page.

Department or Section (Sub-brand) Logo

When use the Master logo with department or section logo, refer to the example below for the space between the Master logo and your department or section logo.


The logo shouldn’t be smaller than 0.75 inch in height. When using the Master Logo with secondary or multiple logos, the Master Logo should be bigger or relatively the same size as others.


It is not a mandatory, but the following are Mahidol University’s and the College of Music’s preferred fonts.

  • For poster, banner, and other media usage
    • DB Helvethaica
    • DB Lim X
  • For official document and letter usage
    • TH SarabunPSK


Mahidol University have created PowerPoint templates that you can use for your presentation, these can be downloaded HERE.

The College of Music’s PR team also created PowerPoint templates to help you create branded presentation, the following are the preview of the College of Music’s templates.

PowerPoint: College of Music’s Design 1.

PowerPoint: College of Music’s Design 2.

PowerPoint: College of Music’s Design 3.

3. Poster and Banner

The College of Music team has created poster and banner templates for your external and internal usage. The template can be downloaded HERE . The template for A4 and A3 will come with pre-set logo. The template for banner will come in blank with pre-set size.

We also provide the Master Logo and instruction for your usage in the case that you do not wish to use our pre-made templates. If you choose not to use the templates that we provided, please refer to the example below.

All poster and banner (both print and electronic usage) must be send to PR Office of the College of Music for approval. This includes all public announcement and post on the Departments’ and Offices’ social media pages (e.g. Facebook, Instagram).


A4 and A3

Other templates

4. Email Signature

Consistency is key to have strong brand identity. Everything we do contributes to our overall reputation and it’s important to present a consistent message across all communication channels, whether in print or digital. An organization email address and email signature serve as an easily recognizable source of contact information for an individual and the Collage of Music. Consistency in presenting ourselves to the world will not only help in unifying the brand but also in creating a strong and consistent expectation for recipients.

Use Mahidol Email Address ( and these email signature guidelines to present a more unified, professional appearance for communications.

How to register and attain Google Apps for Education

and Gmail account for Mahidol University.

Please refer to this instruction and register here.

These are recommended for all faculty and staff for the email signature.

  • Dokeep it simple, including only essential information in three to eight lines.
  • Douse common fonts such as Helvetica, Calibri, or Arial, sized 12–14 points. Other fonts may not display correctly.
  • Douse a single color, such as black or dark gray.
  • Doinclude simple URLs (without “http://www”).
  • Do include social media links in plain text without icons.
  • Don’tinclude logos or graphics; they increase file size and appear as attachments.
  • Don’tinclude vCARDS; they increase file size and appear as attachments.
  • Don’tinclude tag lines or quotes; they may be perceived as University-wide statements.
  • Don’tinclude a street address unless you frequently host visitors.