*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2020

Thailand International Jazz Conference Composition Competition 2021

Date(s) - 30/10/2020 - 15/12/2020

College of Music, Mahidol University Salaya Campus


Application Deadline: December 15, 2020

  • Finalist Announcement: December 29, 2020.
  • Final Round: January 29 – 31, 2021

2.Application Fee

  • Application fee is 500 baht/composition.

** The application fee is non-refundable in any condition.


  • Best Composition Award: 40,000 baht with certificate
  • Best Performance Award: 20,000 baht with certificate (The performance will be in the final round.)

4.Rules and Regulation

  1. The competition is open to any age and nationality.
  2. An applicant (composer) can submit up to 2 songs. The submitted song must be new composition that has never been submitted to any competition, recorded for commercial purposes, registered for copyright, and/or legally protected.
  3. The composition must be in jazz style. The submitted score must specify clearly the structure of the composition, as well as the improvisation part, among others. The applicant must also attach an audio file, which may be recorded from the live performance or exported from the music notation program.  (The quality of the performance in the audio file will not be considered by the judge in the recording audition round.)
  4. The composition can include any instrumentation, with up to 8 instruments. Vocalist (if any) is counted as one instrument.
  5. The composition that passes to the final round must be performed live with the time length of not over 15 minutes (from entering the stage to the end of the composition). The composer does not have to be a part of the ensemble performing the composition in the final round.
  6. Bringing pre-prepared/recorded equipment or sound sources is not allowed in the final performance.
  7. The composer is not allowed to change the essence of the composition in the final round. If there is any composition modification, the consideration for actions (e.g. reducing the score) in case of composition modification will be up to the discretion of the judging committee.
  8. Any video and audio recording and music publication in the final round is the copyright of the composer and the College of Music, Mahidol University. However, the College of Music, Mahidol University cannot use the composition for any commercial purpose.
  9. The judgement by the committee is deemed to be final.

5.Steps for submitting the composition

  • Required Document
    • Complete application form (download here).
    • 9 Copies of music scores.
    • Audio files in the form of mp3, wma, or wav uploaded to media link such as youtube or google drive, etc.
    • 1 copy of applicant’s ID card
    • 4 X 6 inch photo with the minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
    • Evidence of application fee payment
  • Payment of Application Fee
    • The application fee can be transferred to the following account.
      Account Name: College of Music, Mahidol University
      Bank Account Number: Saving Account: Siam Commercial Bank 333- 2-10822-1
  • Application packet can be sent to:
    • Activity Office, College of Music Mahidol University
      25/25 Phutthamonthon Sai 4 Road Salaya,
      Phutthamonthon Nakhonpathom, 73170 Thailand
      Tel: (662) 800-2525-34 Ext. 3117
      E-mail : tijc.net@gmail.com

6.Judging Criteria

Recording Audition Round

  • Judging will be totally (100%) based on the composition. Performance and/or solo quality (if any) will not be considered.
  • In case the audio file is note related to the submitted score, the consideration will be based on the score.

Final Round

  • Composition Award: The decision will be based on the music score and the quality of the composition.
  • Performance Award: The decision will be based on the quality of the live performance.


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