*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2020

Admission Requirements – Master of Arts in Music (MA – Music)

Master of Arts in Music (MA - Music)

Musicology Major

1. Written exam
Format: 120 Minutes, essay questions (about 1 page per each essay)
Contents: Knowledge about research in musicology, common knowledge of Western music and Thai music history and theory, analysis of music pertaining to music of various contexts.

Music Education Major

1) Research Proposal: should include concepts or foundations of the research proposal, importance of the research questions, objectives, expected benefit, scope of the study, participants, and tools to be used for problem solution or data gathering.

2) A 15-minute high-quality Video recording of the applicant teaching at least 2 students (Both the applicant and his/her students must be visible in the recording. It should be non-edited. Videos of poor audio or video quality will be rejected)

3) A written lesson plan for the Video recording sample music teaching demonstration (Lesson plan should identify and explain class objectives, content, activities, materials, and assessment shown in the Video recording.)

Contents: Understanding of the scope of music education, fundamental music teaching and learning, music curriculums in Thailand and abroad, psychology of music teaching, principles and formats of music teaching, philosophy of music education, Assessment in music education, and knowledge of categories and scope of research in music education.

1) Written exam (120 minutes)
The applicant will be asked to write an assay that portrays his/her knowledge and understanding about music education. It must also reflect abilities to analyze, summarize, think critically, capture the key points, organize ideas systematically, and provide strong argumentation.

2) Group exam (120 minutes)In the group exam, applicants will participate in group activities to share their ideas, experience, and attitudes on education, teaching, and working. It aims to test teachership, co-operation, communicative skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and leadership. Also, the applicant is required to present ideas and concepts of his/her thesis topic.

Remark: the applicant must prepare to present the plan of the teaching (as appearing in the DVD), his/her music-related work experience, and research topic which he/she is interested. The presentation will be approximately 15 minutes.

Music Therapy Major

– Observation: Applicants must observe at least 5 hours of music therapy sessions with the therapy staff(s) from the College of Music. Also, they need to write their observation, which will be used as an application document, and submit it to the music therapy department afterward. Sessions are available at the College of Music. Please contact the Music Therapy Department to schedule dates and times for observation at musictherapymu@gmail.com or 02- 800-2525 (ext. 4113). This must be done prior to the Entrance Examinations

1. Written exam
Format: Write the exam in Thai and English Language up to the question.

1. Basic knowledge about music therapy
2. Applicant’s definition and scoop of music therapy (What music therapy is and what its functions and roles are)
3. What kind(s) of clients the applicant wants to work with, and give example(s) of how a music therapist uses music with the clients.
4. Applicant’s opinions on ethics
Study Sources:
American Music Therapy Association. (2020). What is music therapy. https://www.musictherapy.org/about/musictherapy/
Davis, W., Gfeller, K. E., & Thaut, M. (2008). An introduction to the theory and practice of music therapy (3rd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill College.
Hanser, S. B. (1999). The new music therapist’s handbook. Boston, MA: Berklee Press Publications.

2. Audition and Interview Requirements
The session will begin with performance of the prepared works. The performance should last from 15 to 20 minutes. The applicant must perform the followings:
1. ONE major work in a major performance medium
2. TWO standard or popular songs (including ONE children song and ONE standard or popular song for adults/seniors) own guitar accompaniment.
3. ONE standard or popular song for adults/seniors sung with sung with own piano accompaniment.

– Note that the non-native Thai speaking applicant needs to sing at least TWO Thai songs in the audition.
– In additions, he/she will be interviewed and asked to answer questions on leadership and interaction with others.

Music Business Major

– The applicant submits paper on business concept. The applicant can select one from the following topics (not over 10 pages) as follows;

1. Business Plan: Should include details and concepts of conducting music business, organization and characteristics of the business, together with the business goals, target group, sources of income, and breakeven period, etc.

2. Research Proposal: should include concepts or foundations of the research proposal, importance of the research questions, objectives, expected benefit, and tools to be used for problem solution or data gathering.

1. Major interview
Format: Interview on music business topics.
Content: explain the following issues: reasons for the applicants to pursue his/her education in music business, applicant’s background in music business, research topics which interest the applicant, and any other issues regarding the applicant that the interview committee should know.
Source of information: Business Journal, for example – http://search.proquest.com
– Harvard Business Review
– Business Review
– Thailand Economic & Business Review
– FB: https://www.facebook.com/MSBUMU/

Remark: Music Business Major (Special Program: Study on Saturday and 1 more weekday in the evening)

English Proficiency

All incoming students must meet an English language requirement. Applicants can submit a copy of the score report from one of the following exams (or * from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Salaya campus).

(MU GRAD Test + Speaking)


(Entrance Requirement)



(Except Doctoral Level)

Graduate Diploma/ Masters/

Higher Graduate Diploma



(W=10, S=10)


(W=5.0, S=5.0)


(W=17, S=15)


(W=10, S=10)




(W=12, S=12)


(W=6.0, S=6.0)


(W=23, S=19)

W = Writing, S = Speaking

Music Theory and History Placement Exam

All incoming graduate* students are required to demonstrate general music proficiencies in basic music subjects, such as music theory and music history. For students that are unable to pass the exams, they must take additional review courses during the first year of study.

1.Required Exams

Western Instruments1. Western Music Theory  2. Western Music History
Thai/Eastern Instruments1. Western Music Theory  2. Thai Music Theory and History
Jazz Instruments (M.M. and D.M.)1. Jazz Proficiency Exam


2. General Exam Information

  • All new graduate students must take the proficiency exams, regardless of the student’s program or major prior to the Entrance Interview, with an exception of applicants in Music Business Major of the Master of Arts program.
  • Students who do not pass the exam(s) must take the respective basic course(s), which will be assigned by the Admission committee.
  • Students must take any assigned basic courses the first time they are offered and for zero credit hours.