Composition Audition Requirement;

1. Composition Major Application Requirements

Submit any original compositions, sketches, or composition exercises to date. If no work exists, the Composition and Theory faculty will assess the applicant’s potential to major in composition in the audition.

2. Composition Major Entrance Exam
Audition (In Person or Videotaped for International Applicants)

1) The composition and Theory Faculty will discuss the submitted works (if any) with the applicant. If a video recorded application, the person responsible for videotaping the exam should then ask them to speak about their interest in composition (about how the pieces they submitted were composed, how they became interested in composition, favorite composers/pieces, future plans, etc.).
2) Demonstrate basic musicianship by preparing a short excerpt (not less than two (2) minutes) to play on the piano or their primary instrument. This excerpt may come from any piece in the repertoire.
3) In addition, the faculty or video interviewer will assess the applicant’s musicianship through basic melodic/rhythmic questions, including interval or chord identification by playing a collection of pitches at the piano. Applicants should also be prepared to answer questions pertaining to their interest in composition.

Thailand International Music Examination: TIME

1. How to apply with the TIME score

In order to study here, prospectus students should obtain a required result of TIME. The applicant will need to apply for TIME for Thai Music theory, Music Theory, and Aural training. Requirement will depend on the major areas of application.

If the applicant did not pass the TIME (<60%), but qualify for other areas, the applicant will be admitted to the college under condition and will be placed in the music foundation course. (entering the first semester, Intensive course in June 2024 or entering the second semester, Intensive course in October 2024).

However, applicant is allowed to re-take TIME and if the result is more than 60%, the applicant can submit the result for an update score (entering the first semester, until 30 April 2024 or entering the second semester, until 30 September 2024)

2. TIME Subjects to use for College of Music admission

Program / MajorTIME
(Thai Theory)
TIME (Western Theory)TIME
Pre-College (M.4)Western Musicsubmit  Grade 9submit  Grade 9
Jazzsubmit  Grade 9submit  Grade 9
Compositionsubmit  Grade 9submit  Grade 9
Popular Musicsubmit  Grade 9submit  Grade 9
Sound and Music Productionsubmit  Grade 9submit  Grade 9
Sound and Music Production
(In case Thai music)
submit  Grade 9
Thai musicsubmit  Grade 9

3. Applicants can purchase an application form, handbook, and register at

1) TIME, branch MCGP Seacon Square Srinakarin Tel.: 02 7219894 – 7 

2) TIME, branch MCGP Seacon Square Bangkae Tel.: 02 4582680

3) TIME, branch MCGP Siam Paragon Tel.: 02 1294542 – 6 

4) College of Music Shop, Salaya Tel.: 02 8002525 # 2504, 2505

4. TIME exams are available both on-site and online. (Please check before applying)

Contact TIME for more Information (on-site/online): 

mobile phone no. 081 918 5381, call no. 02 4582680

Contact TIME for submit scores TIME: