Music is My Love (Language)

Music is My Love (Language), A Photo Contest in the Month of Love!
Invite musicians to join in a photo contest on the 30th Anniversary of the College of Music, Mahidol University! Submit a photo of yourself with your musical instrument in a self-portrait format, showing your passion and art in music in your own way. Imagine yourself on the album cover as a famous artist. Post it along with a short description of your love for your musical instrument. Win over 15,000 baht in prize money.

1. Follow the Mahidol Music page on Instagram. (@mahidolmusic)
2. Like and share this post on your own story. (make it public)
3. Post a picture on the topic Music is My Love (Language) by making the post public and writing a caption describing your love for your musical instrument with the hashtags #mahidolmusiclove #mahidolmusic30

Deadline: 15 March 2024
Winners announced: 31 March 2024
Participant Qualification: Students, Staffs, General public

1. The attendee must post the photo and make it public with the hashtags #mahidolmusiclove #mahidolmusic30.
2. The photo must contain the main elements of the instrument and the player. It has to be portrait photography (as shown in the example) together with a caption under the topic “How Music is Your Love (Language)?”
3. The photo submitted must be in color or black and white, taken with a digital camera or smartphone. They can be technically edited to enhance the quality of the image. But it must look natural and is not a combination of photos.
4. The Photo submitted must not have any obligations regarding image ownership from various agencies, including images submitted for sale through any Stock Photo agency. However, the contest organizer will not be responsible for copyright infringement where the owner of the work has a binding contract with any person or person. Any agency and the owner of the work must be responsible in this case.
5. The person submitting a photo to the contest must be the creator of the work themselves and have copyright ownership of the submitted photo. Do not reproduce or modify other people’s photographs. Sending someone else’s copyrighted work or sending it in your name is strictly prohibited. If discovered later, the contest organizer can reclaim the prize money and the person who submitted the photo to the contest is solely responsible for the damages.
6. The College of Music, Mahidol University has the right to use images of contest winners in an exhibition in the 30th-Anniversary project of the College of Music, Mahidol University.
7. You can submit 1 photo per person.
8. The decision of the committee is final