Thailand International Jazz Conference (TIJC): Jazz Camp 2024

Wrapped up the TIJC Jazz Camp 2024, an enriching musical experience spanning three days from January 22 to 24, has come to a close. Participants delved into musical instrument skills, improvisation, artistic creativity, jazz theory, and performance under the guidance of world-class musicians such as Jonathan Kreisberg, Makro Churnchet, Joe Nartin, and Eric Harland, who generously shared their knowledge and insights. The atmosphere fostered close and friendly interactions, providing participants with opportunities to ask questions and engage in meaningful discussions. This year’s meticulously designed TIJC Jazz Camp featured a diverse range of jazz topics, combining lectures and hands-on workshops. Campers also enjoyed exclusive access to all TIJC events from January 26 to 28, 2024, including concerts and workshops by leading jazz artists and renowned educators. The success of TIJC Jazz Camp 2024 reflects our unwavering commitment to advancing the nation’s jazz education. As the event concludes, participants depart not only with enhanced musical skills but also with inspiration to further pursue their musical aspirations!