Yujin Jung

Classical Performance
Woodwind Department

Career Highlights

Yu-Jin Jung was born in to a musical family in Republic of Korea. She began learning how to play the piano from her mother three years old and received her first flute lessons as an eight-year-old in Seoul.

She was able to win a prize at various National and International music competition since 10years old such as Seoul Flute competition, Competition of Korean Music Association, Journal of Music Competition, International Luigi Zanuccoli competition and many more. She also got a prize of special brain model at the International Master Class for Flute in Baden bei Wien Austria at 15years old the youngest, making her special talent recognized and being able to received a love call from many orchestras for collaborations.

At the age of 16, She passed the audition at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (Austria). And continue to study at University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria) and State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart (Germany). She completed two master programs such as Contemporary and Chamber in 3 years with remarkable achievements one of which could be done with scholarship fund.

Yu-Jin Jung is a student of Antje Langkafel(Flutist & Composer) Dieter Flury(Principal Flutist of Vienna Phil.), Meinhart Niedermayer(Principal Flutist of Vienna Phil.) and Eun-Jung Choi(Principal Flutist of Incheon Phil.). While spent in Europe, she learned also from M.Kofler, A.Adorjan, C.Fassbender, A.Firkins, T.Lüdinghausen and H.Lee for diversity of the flute playing and learned Piccolo from J.Singer at the Stuttgart State Theatre.

She had reinforced her musical talent through experiences of attending final concerts at various international music festivals such as International Music forum Viktring (Austria), Internationalen Sommerakademie Chambermusic in Kloster Frenswegen (Germany), Interantional music festival Varna summer (Bulgaria), International Emsbürener Musiktage (Germany) and Arona Summer festival Tenerife (Spain) and many more. And she also performed Solo flute with Live Electronics at the International Udine Contemporanea Festival in Italy, where the whole performance was broadcasted live streaming concert of the world.

She has also played with various professional orchestras in Europe as a guest Principal Flute several times since 24years old and she worked as a solo Piccoloist at the Mannheimer Philharmoniker (Germany). And she also taught at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart as a Flute Instructor.

Yu-Jin Jung is currently Flute Professor at the College of Music Mahidol University, YAMP and Principal Flutist of Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra since 2013. She has been invited to master classes in Chularongkorn university, Silpakorn university, Kasetsart university and Rangsit university. And she also has been invited as a Flute Tutor and Judge for many auditions and competitions such as Mannheimer Philharmoniker (Germany), Thailand International Wind Ensemble Competition, Siam Sinfonietta, Thailand Phil. and, International Osaka Music Competition. In addition to this, Yu-Jin Jung maintains a busy schedule giving master classes, recitals and as an orchestra soloist throughout Asia.


2009 – University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria) – Bachelor of Art
2012 – State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart (Germany) – Master of Music
2013 – State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart (Germany) – Master of Music