Prof. Deqing Wen

Professor of Composition Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Deqing Wen, a Chinese Swiss composer, studied composition in China, Switzerland, France and as a visiting scholar at Columbia University (US). He is currently a professor of Composition at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He is also a member of the Societé Suisse pour les Droits des Auteurs d’Oeuvres and vice-chairman of the China-ASEAN musicians union.

Deqing Wen is deeply influenced by Chinese traditional arts and philosophy, which have provided him so many inspirations for his musical works yet without leaving any track. His works are considered brilliant in techniques, full of emotions, exquisite with subtle tensions, and bold in blazing new trails but readily understood, drawing on different musical genres. They are so unique and original that they have won him world acclaim. Deqing Wen has been honored with concerts portrait, as well as master classes, dedicated to his compositions in China, Switzerland, France, Denmark, the United States, Germany and Israel. His works are published by Swiss Musical Edition, Bärenreiter-Verlag (Germany), Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press, Beijing People’s Music Publishing House. His albums are released by Stradivarius Records (Italy), Grammont Portrait Contemporary SWISS, Naxos Records, Telos Music Records, Shanghai Music Publishing House.