* The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQue standards in 2020

The 14th Young Artist Music Annual Concert Series: “World Beats”

This year is the 14th Annual Young Artist Music Program Concert Series, College of Music, Mahidol University presented by the (Pre-College) Young Artist musicians – 🎶“World Beats” 🌍

An exciting presentation of the art of music and culture from all around the world; whether it’s from American music , European music , Thai music and many more.
Through the concept of this concert we want to show how music and culture from all around the world, although different still bring peoples together.

Day 1 : New Orleans Night Party / Sounds from the South
+ Tonight’s concert introduces you to the party of Jazz swing dance of the Bigband; music from South America, with choreography,percussion by Classical guitars and the crossover of Jazz & Classical Guitars.
29 November, 7pm (Featuring YAMP Jazz Swing Dance Band , YAMP Guitar Orchestra)

Day 2 : What’s up Folk’s! / Arabian Night
+ Tonight’s concert features Voice students celebrating the wonderful world of English and Irish Folk songs and famous songs from The Lord of the Rings. The second half take a carpet ride with piano through the Arabian night.
30 November, 7pm (Featuring YAMP Voice Students , YAMP Piano Students)

Day 3 : Asia – A beautiful blend
+ Tonight’s concert, Thai music and all the Young Artist Music Symphony Orchestra celebrate the unique blends of Asian Culture trough music, art and dance, showing the 12 accents of Thai music, through music from all over Asia.
1 December, 7pm (Featuring YAMP Symphony Orchestra , YAMP Thai music)

Venue : MACM , College of Music, Mahidol University
Tickets : 500฿ 800฿ 1000฿ 1500฿
Early Bird :Today ~ 25 August:
-Student (MS only) 50%
-Students 40%
-General 30%
26 August ~ Concert day
-Full Price
Concert Dates


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