* The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQue standards in 2020

Welcome to Admissions

Welcome to the online application system of the College of Music, Mahidol University. We are excited that you are interested in studying here and are happy to assist you in the process of applying

Admission schedule for Academic Year 2024 (Onsite)

Schedule Admission 1 Admission 2 Admission 3 Admission 4 Admission 5
1. Application forms Available Admission 1-4 start from 25 August 2023. 1 June 2024
2. Application Submission Deadline Sat. 30 Sep. 2023 Sun. 12 Nov. 2023 Sat. 13 Jan. 2024 Sat. 9 Mar. 2024 Sat. 22 Jun. 2024
3. Announcing the list of applicants and announcing the date, time, room Sat. 7 Oct. 2023 Sat. 18 Nov. 2023 Sat. 20 Jan. 2024 Sat. 16 Mar. 2024 Sat. 29 Jun. 2024
4. Exam date: Music Performance Test (Audition) and major require test (on site) Sat. 21 Oct. 2023 Sat. 2 Dec. 2023 Sat. 3 Feb. 2024 Sat. 30 Mar. 2024 Sat. 6 Jul. 2024
5. The list of eligible applicant for interview Announcement Tue. 31 Oct. 2023 Wed. 13 Dec. 2023 Wed. 14 Feb. 2024 Wed. 10 Apr. 2024 Wed. 17 Jul. 2024
6. Interview exams Date (on site) Sat. 4 Nov. 2023 Sat. 16 Dec. 2023 Sat. 17 Feb. 2024 Fri. 19 Apr. 2024 Sat. 20 Jul. 2024
7. Exam Results Announcement Fri. 10 Nov. 2023 Sat. 23 Dec. 2023 Sat. 24 Feb. 2024 Thu. 25 Apr. 2024 Sat. 27 Jul. 2024
8. Report, register and pay the registration fee 10-17 Nov. 2023 23-31 Dec. 2023 24-29 Feb. 2024 25-30 Apr. 2024 27-31 Jul. 2024


1) Exam will be ON SITE but in case of residing abroad exam requests can be submitted online and must be approved prior to the exam.
2) Round 1-4 for 1st semester entrance, and all programs/majors are available.
3) It is highly recommended that international applicants, especially those in China, DO NOT apply for the 4th round of admissions because of the short time between acceptance and the start of classes. Applicants might not be able to receive student visa approval on time which would cause a delay in entering Thailand and not be able to start the 1st semester properly. Instead, international applicants SHOULD apply in rounds 1-3 for 1st semester entrance (June) or round 5 for 2nd semester entrance (November). For questions about this contact us at msinteradmission@mahidol.ac.th 4) Round 5 is for 2nd semester entrance, which begins in November. It is the only admissions round for 2nd semester entrance, and all programs/majors are available except for the Pre-College Program (Sound and Music Production major).

More Information

Examination Informationwww.music.mahidol.ac.th
Examination follow upcommas.music.mahidol.ac.th
Admissions Contactmsadmission@mahidol.edu
Admissions Contactcall no. 02 4415302, 02 8002525 ext. 1128, 1109
International Admissions Contactmsinteradmission@mahidol.ac.th
TIME Contactwww.timemusicexam.com
TIME Contactmobile phone no. 081-918-5381, call no. 02-458-2680

Submit Audition Recording Link (For online case): https://forms.gle/p7wrDNi32BwJZgCq7

Audition Recording Link must be submitted at the same time as application submission deadline.


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