* The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQue standards in 2020

Why Study Music?


Music is an essential component of the human experience and has been part of our universal experiences almost since primitive human beings discovered fire. It soothes our minds, brings us joy and, through creativity, brings us a quality of life no matter of our economic means or social background. In many ways it is an integral part of our well being and health.

There are great benefits in having an arts-based education. We discovered that in many parts of the world, music graduates find seeking employment easier than many graduates. Why is this? Music graduates are well rounded, regardless of the degrees of expertise in music skill. A music student needs to be an independent learner, with a high degree of self discipline, yet be a strong team player; be an effective problem solver, and possess high levels of critical and creative thinking skills. All of these skills are essential and integral in the 21st century.