* The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQue standards in 2020

Our Alumni

Featured Alumni


It’s more than just a dream, that once in my life I would be surrounded by the sound of music in the best College of Music. I am proud, for my whole life, that I chose the right school for my right career. I love and always will love the many things that I learned from (Pre-College) Young Artist Music Program, College of Music, Mahidol University.

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Currently, I am an artist, a singer, a vocal teacher, and a student. If I hadn't studied at Pre-College, these opportunities would be impossible. Pre-College is a school that has been training and moving me to this point. The school teaches me to have both theoretical and practical experiences.

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Noppakorn Auesirinucroch

It has been 5 years that I graduated from (Pre-College) Young Artist Music Program (YAMP). I can still remember the first day that I started my music high school life. I thought it’s going to be just an ordinary music school that teaches intensely musical skills but after three years it turned out to be completely different from what I expected.

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Our Alumni

San Jittakarn

"When I learned that I was accepted into the pre-College program at College of Music of Mahidol University, I did not quite believe that it would become an important part of my career. I have recently realized that, for me, it actually started from those 3 years spent at Salaya campus that pushed me to pursuing a career in music. I learned many important lessons and met many personalities that have been supporting me until this day. I believe that for those who want to explore opportunities and diversity in music; Mahidol University would definitely be an ideal place to learn what ones want to do and achieve in the future. You get to think by yourself and learn from others here"

  • College of Music Mahidol University - Pre-College (2007-2010) 
  • Oberlin College and Conservatory - Bachelor of Music (2012-2015) 
  • The Julliard School Master of Music (2015-present)

Thitipol Piseskul

  • College of Music Mahidol University - Pre-College
  • Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Amsterdam University the Arts

Helena Aung

  • College of Music Mahidol University - Pre-College
  • University of Arkansas

Thanakarn Schofield

  • College of Music Mahidol University - Pre-College
  • Royal College of Music

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