* The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQue standards in 2020

Admissions FAQs

FAQs about the admission

You can purchase the application form online by register for an application code at http://commas.music.mahidol.ac.th/stu_new/login/login_curri.php. Applicants must fill-in the information, print out the invoice, and pay at SCB bank. With this process, you are applying for the admission.

The application process for admission to the College of Music, Mahidol University offers 4 rounds per year. The first round starts in July of every year. Applicants can check the admission schedule at http://www.music.mahidol.ac.th/schedule. In addition, undergrad and grad applicants can register for an additional admission round in order to enroll in the second semester of the academic year. Please check for more information in May.

Yes, you can. In order to do so, you will need to purchase 2 application forms and register for 2 reference codes.

The College of Music welcomes all applicants who meet the admission requirements.

Please contact the Admissions Office by phone at 0-2800-2525 #1109, 1128 during business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 17:00) or send an email to msacadmc@mahidol.ac.th along with your full name, the program(s) you are applying for and a general description of the problem.

Please contact the Admissions Office by phone at 0-2800-2525 #1109, 1128 during business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 17:00). The process will be as follows:– Case 1: If the applicant has not yet paid the application fee, the Admissions will delete the data and applicant has to fill in the application form again.– Case 2: If the applicant already paid the application fee, the applicant has to re-apply to the admission again using another code.

Yes, you can use the same code for all four admission rounds.

The applicant will receive the registration code and password by email within 2 working days. This code can be used to access the application system. If the applicant does not get any email from the Admissions, please call 0-2800-2525 # 109, 128 during office hours.

    1. Application form downloaded from the website (signed by the applicant and the guardian), attached the applicant’s photo in passport size and format (head and shoulders), taken within the past year
    1. Certified copies of all official academic transcripts. All transcripts must be in Thai or English. Transcripts in other languages must have a certified English translation.\r\nOne recommendation letter provided by the applicants’ private instructors.
    1. Proof of TIME proficiency exam. Documents can be as follows: a copy of the exam results announcement, the examinee ID card, or the TIME payment receipt.
    1. One photocopy of government issued ID card/passport and student’s house registration (signed by the applicant)
    1. One photocopy of application fee payment receipt.

The applicant’s music instructor at school or private music instructor.

For re-apply, applicants need to submit the following documents:

    1. The current Application Form from the website (signed by the applicant and the guardian)
    1. The previous admission results (from the website)
    1. One photocopy of application fee payment receipt.
    1. Proof of TIME proficiency exam (if the exam results have announced)

The applicant can apply for any major in each round and can submit the previous audition results for the next round. For example, if the applicant apply for performance major and gets 68% audition scores, which is not meet performance major requirement, the applicant can use this scores for applying non-performance major such as Music Business or Music Technology instead.

The applicant can take the exam in the part that he/she has failed from the previous admission round. The college would keep the pass scores for him/her.

Within 20 days after the audition date, the applicant can request to read the comments from the performance audition committees for his/her improvement, please contact the Admission Office at the room number A103 during the office hours.

For playing backing tracks, the College of Music allows only CD or smart phone that can be connected to amplifier. Please do not use USB port or thump drive that may contain computer virus.

Entrance admission criteria and preparation

Please visit www.music.mahidol.ac.th then click on admissions menu on the toolbar and download the selected admission handbooks.

You can apply for the tutorial classes at MCGP (Music Campus for General Public, College of Music, Mahidol University) in all 3 branches:

    • Siam Paragon branch Tel. 02-129-4542
    • Seacon Square Srinakharin branch Tel. 02-721-9894
    • Seacon Square Bangkae branch Tel. 02-458-2680


Portfolio is not required for the admission; however, the applicants can provide portfolio for the committees during the interview examination.

if you have registered for TIME examination and the results has not announced, you can apply for the admission. For this matter, proof of TIME examination such as the examinee ID card or the TIME payment receipt is required. Once the applicants receive the TIME results, need to provide the results to the Registrar Office within due date, otherwise applicant will be disqualified for the admission.

Applicants need to bring their own instruments and other equipment for the audition, except piano, harp, drum set, percussion, Khongwong, Ranad, and amplifier.

Financial support and scholarships

There are quite a few scholarships at the College of Music, Mahidol University such as the Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Performance, the Scholarship for the in-need music instrument, the Scholarship for ensemble, the Scholarship for educational supportiveness, etc. For more information please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.\r\nStudying in the College of Music, Mahidol University

The College of Music is using a two- semester system, the summer semester will be arranged for the students who need to register the courses for graduation only.

You can change your major if you pass the audition and/or the criteria that are required by the program.

If you earned college credits from another accredited institution, you may transfer those credits to the College of Music after enrolling. In any case, the registrar office in consultation with the Academic Committees will review your transcripts for potential transfer credits.

No, you can’t. Student has only one instrument, one style, and one major. If student is interested in other majors, he/she can register for free elective courses.

The College supports the students who want to join the military training program, please contact the Academic Affairs Office for applying for the program.

There are many careers in music industry that you can do after the graduation. The career examples according to each major are as follows:

Major Career examples
Music Performance (all majors) musician, conductor, music teacher, music producer, songwriter, artist, singer, DJ, lyricist, composer, sound designer, music director, music blogger, orchestra manager, choir director, music researcher, music historian
Music Education & Pedagogy music teacher, college or university teacher, music school owner and entrepreneur, artist, singer, private instrument teacher, music supervisor, music librarian
Music Business music school owner and entrepreneur, event organizer, concert/ artist promoter, artist, music publisher, artist manager. AR., music marketing representative, consumer research, music digital marketing, music director, tour manager, music journalist, music blogger
Music Technology sound engineer, sound designer, music recorder, sound technician, concert hall manager
Music Therapy music therapist, voice therapist, speech pathologist, music blogger
Musical Theater artist, singer, production show, music director, tour manager, TV show producer , stage manager

The College of Music, Mahidol University is not only provide you the opportunities to do any careers in the music industry, but also train the students to be professional, discipline, creative and high skills in music performance. There are the fundamental for doing any careers in every industry.


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