Wiputh Kehasuwan

Music Therapy
Music Therapy Department
Music Therapy

Career Highlights

Wiputh Kehasuwan has worked as a music therapist and a music therapy lecturer at College of Music, Mahidol University since 2015 where she teaches Principles, Philosophy and Theory, Clinical Techniques, and Practicum and Internships for Music Therapy.

Wiputh has a strong interest in working with people with special needs and mental health problems. She has received funding from the Thai Media Fund, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), and the College of Music, Mahidol University. Her research and projects cover varied topics such as “Learning emotional regulation through music activities for children”, “The Relationships Between Music Preferences, Musical Engagement and Depression in Adolescents”, “Research and Development to Create a Prototype of Music Activity to Promote Well-being of Elderly”, and “Music Therapy for Emotional Wellbeing During a Crisis”.


2015 – College of Music, Mahidol University – Master of Arts in Music (Music Therapy)
2010 – College of Music, Mahidol University – Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance