International Applicants

About the College of Music

The College of Music, Mahidol University, is one of Southeast Asia’s leading music colleges. As a complete conservatory of music, the College features programs from high school through the doctoral level in nearly every area of music. The College features a diverse group of talented international instructors and majority of our programs and majors are taught in English. The College is situated on a beautiful suburban campus of just outside of Bangkok and has a large number of international students. The College of Music is current listed in the Top 50 music schools according to QS World Ranking (by subject).

Study in Thailand

Thailand is a relatively easy country to live in for a foreigner. Thai language is not necessary (although it does help) and Thai people are generally easygoing and friendly. The Campus and surrounding area are very safe and have lots of housing (both on and off campus), restaurants and other necessities. Studying at the College is pretty typical of a large music school. It is an intense place of study with regular concerts and international events. Students who graduate from our programs find success in music and related fields, and our programs are accepted all around the world.

How to Apply

There are two ways to apply to the College, either directly on our website or at an international audition. When applying on the website, directions for how to apply can be found directly on this website. For assistance, see below, under International Student Service Center

International Auditions

The College of Music hosts annual international auditions in several countries in Southeast Asia. Information regarding our international auditions is announced on this website and shared on the College of Music social media outlets.

International Student Service Center

The International Student Service Center serves our international students by helping with admissions, travel to Thailand, finding housing, getting setup at the College, and other matters related to being an international student in Thailand. Our email address is