Sarit Tanpensuk

Jazz Department

Career Highlight

Sarit Tanpensuk (Andrew) has served as a lecturer in the Jazz Department of the College of Music, Mahidol University since 2010 where he teaches jazz big-band, jazz combos, ear training, jazz composition and private applied trumpet lessons. Sarit received his Bachelor and Master Degree in Jazz Studies from the College of Music, Mahidol University where he studied with Rustem Galiullin, David Hart, Joseph Bowman, Sompop Puengpreeda and James Sherry.

He has shown great talent and has been an in-demand trumpet performer since he was a college student. In 2006, Sarit won first prize from Thailand Jazz Competition with performing with Jazz Paknam Poo and in 2007 he was a finalist for the Thailand Jazz Competition with the Ja-Dobe jazz Quintet and was honored with the Outstanding Musician of the Year Award.

A member of T-Bone, Thailand’s very first and most renowned Reggae/Ska band, Sarit has toured with the band around the world. He has performed at Glastonbury Music Festival (England), WOMAD Music Festival (Singapore), Pentapot Music Festival (Korea), Chennai Music Festival (India), Smiley Fest International Ska/Reggae Music Festival (Thailand), just to name a few. His recent performances include performing at the Thailand All Star Big Band in Hua Hin Jazz Festival (Thailand). He joined Mellow Motif in 2010 and has performed with the band in many festivals and music events such as Miri Jazz Festival (Sarawak, Malaysia), Java Jazz Festival (Indonesia) and Kinestasia (Singapore).


2008 – Mahidol University – Bachelor of Music
2014 – Mahidol University – Master of Arts