Asst. Prof. Dr. Juckrit Charoensook

Classical Performance
String and Chamber Music Department
Viola, Violin

Career Highlight

Asst. Prof. Juckrit Charoensook, D.A. is one of the most well-known violists in Thailand. He has a wide experience of playing viola, including performing solo, chamber music, and orchestra. He has created many creative works that combining musical ideas and genres featuring viola. He has composed more than 50 viola pieces that promote “rich & warm” viola tone.

A classical performer at heart, with exploratory mind. His musical works have become active and influential for the string society in Thailand; ranging from folk, classical, and to experimental music.

He also has a strong experience of developing new tools for music pedagogy, including board games, artworks, animations, and educational videos.

He is an expert of viola tone; he believes that when people listen to rich and warm acoustic sounds, they will immediately fall in love with it. “Once you hear the layers and spectrum of viola sounds, the entirely new musical world will be emerged.” All of his musical works have a unique flavor that believed to help transcend the mind into a deeper state.

His teaching methods combine the traditional methods with self-discovery. He believes that every student has musical talent within, and should be supported.

Asst. Prof. Juckrit Charoensook was graduated from College of Performing Arts, School of Music, University of Northern Colorado with Mahidol Scholarship.

He is the principal viola of Thai Symphony Orchestra.


2015 – University of Northern Colorado (USA) – Doctor of Arts
2011 – University of Northern Colorado (USA) – Master of Music
2007 – Mahidol University (Thailand) – Bachelor of Arts