TIWSC 2020

1) Procedure:
  1. The competition will consist of three rounds – Pre-screening, Semi-final, and Final.
  2. The Pre-screening is required to submit a video recording 8 - 15 minutes of performance to be considered for a Semi-final round.
  3. In the Semi-final round, 10 participants/Wind Bands will be selected to perform (the order of performance will be determined by a draw).
    Note: The amount of band passed to semi-final round depends on committee and the committee's decision is considered final.
  4. In the Final Round, 5 participants/Wind Bands will be selected to perform. (the order of performance will be determined by a draw).
  5. Each band/ensemble will enter either Class A or Class B, but CANNOT enter both divisions in one year.
  6. Each band member will enter either Class A, Class B, Class C, or Class D, but CANNOT enter more than one band/ensemble in the same class.
  7. Applications are made through the website The application deadline is January 29, 2020.
  8. The application process for Pre-screening round is as follows:
    1. Apply on the website and print the application form.
    2. Prepare the following materials:
      1. (1) A video of unedited performance of a complete work of the ensemble performing any repertoire of the ensemble's choice. The video must be in MP4 format and uploaded in any media link: YouTube or Google Drive.
      2. (2) Your performance duration must be 8 - 15 minutes.
      3. (3) The video must be recorded not more than 9 months prior to the Audition Round application deadline.
      4. (4) A video must unedited performance and sound.
      5. (5) The camera should be placed at the front of the ensemble.
      6. (6) The video should be accompanied by a word document showing the repertoire, the date and location of the performances.
      7. (7) Lighting should be adequate and the microphone should optimally be placed in front of the ensemble, if possible, in order to get a good sense of the overall sound of the ensemble. Ideally, a separate microphone should be used, rather than the built-in microphone on the video camera.
      8. (8) Six (6) scores (of each pieces) of the Pre-screening repertoire.
      9. (9) The application form printed from the competition website Certificate of ensemble member enrollment at the ensemble's educational institution.
    3. Submit the above materials to: Music Event Management, College of Music 25/25 Phutthamonthon Sai 4 Road, Salaya, Phutthamonthon, Nakhonpathom, 73170, Thailand
    4. Note: The video and scores are used for the Pre-screening Round.

2) Eligibility:
  1. The Wind Ensemble Competition is open to all Wind Bands.
  2. Open for all ages.
  3. The number of band members must be between 45 and 80 members, including the conductor(s).
  4. Semi-Final and Final Round Ensemble Members – for the Semi-final round, the band members can be up to 20% different from the Pre-screening Round. For the Final Round, the band members must be the same as the Semi-Final Round (except for documented emergency).

3) Time Limit:
  1. Pre-screening Round: It is required to submit a video recording 8 - 15 minutes of performance.
  2. Semi-Final Round & Final Round: The time limit for each band is a maximum of 40 minutes. This includes entering the stage, tuning, playing a program of three numbers, and exiting the stage. Time is counted when the ensemble first walks on stage.

4) Repertoire Requirement:
  1. One piece of required repertoire. (All Round)
  2. Title Composer / Arranger Publisher / ID
    La Saison de Mousson dans le Paradis Wiwat Suthiyam
    Reawakening Piyawat Louilarpprasert
    Girimehkala Morakot Cherdchoo-ngarm

    *Note: The links included here are only to suggest TIWSC's preferred editions. It is up to the applicants regarding websites or stores for purchasing music. The College of Music is not responsible in case the publishers or shops sending wrong or incomplete items, e.g. missing scores or parts.

  3. One piece of national music of the ensemble's representative country.
  4. One piece/movement(s) of the ensemble's own selection.
  5. For the final round, one piece needs to be changed from the semi-final round. The repertoire is up to the ensemble.

5) Conducting Workshop:
  1. The conductor(s) and section leaders of the ensemble are invited to participate the conducting workshop on April 5, 2020.

  1. All performances broadcasting, recording, filming and photograph copyright related to the competition belong to the College of Music, Mahidol University and the King Power International Group. The contestant may not claim the rights for them.
  2. The participants need to show the copyright or owner of the pieces that you will perform into the TIWSC competition by submitting receipt or official permission letter. Regarding to music arrangement, the participants need to show the permission by the copyright owner of a musical work to make a new arrangement.

The ensembles that pass to final round will be announced at the end of the competition of each day. The number of ensembles that are accepted for the final round are as follows:
  • Class A: 5 Bands
  • Class B: 5 Bands
  • Class C: 5 Ensembles
  • Class D: 5 Ensembles

  • Score (100)
  1. Tone Quality (30)
  1. Tone Quality 15 points
  2. Pitch 15 points
  1. Technical Accuracy (30)
  1. Technique 15 points
  2. Rhythm 15 points
  1. Musicality (30)
  1. Ensemble Musicianship 15 points
  2. Dynamics 15 points
  1. Repertoires (10)
  1. Style 10 points

  • If there are 3 or more judges vote to stop the playing video, the video will be stopped and skipped to the next one.
  • In the case of participants receive the same total score, repertoire score will be excluded.
  • If the total score after excluding repertoires are still the same, we will use the voting result from the judges.

  • First Prize:  Trophy and 1,000,000 Baht
  • Second Prize:  Trophy and 400,000 Baht
  • Third Prize:  Trophy and 300,000 Baht
  • Popular Vote: 100,000 Baht
  • Consolation Prize: 50,000 Baht (7 prizes)
  • Conductor Award: Certificate