Note: All information in this form must be in English

Class Type: Class A: Wind Symphony (45-80 members: This class is open to all ages.)

I ) General Information
Name of Band/Ensemble:
Name of Institution:
Name of Director (optional):
Name of Conductors:
Address of Band/Ensemble:
Institute Contact Info: Tel: Fax:
Contact Person: Name: ID Card/Passport No:
Contact Person Info: Tel: Mobile:
II) Band/Ensemble History
Please include a short list of performance experience, awards, and any other music-related activities.

III) Band/Ensemble Member List
(No. Mr./Ms. Name-Surname Instrument Nationality)
1. Mr. John Smith Trumpet Thai
2. Ms. Jane Smith Saxophone Thai

IV) Photo of Band/Ensemble

Good quality digital photo of the Band/Ensemble in high resolution jpg format. (Maximum upload file size: 50 MB.)

V) Equipment Requirements
Music Stands (if none, type 0)
Musician Chairs (if none, type 0)

Note: Participating wind ensembles must use large percussion instruments provided by TIWSC organization, sponsored by Siam Music Yamaha and College of Music Mahidol University. The complete percussion list will be given by the semi-final announcement date. Participating ensemble is responsible for other percussion instruments that is not listed.

The video must be in MP4 format and uploaded in any media link: Youtube or Google drive. Your piece must be 8 - 15 minutes in duration.

VII) Repertoire and Score (PRE-SCREENING ROUND)

Pre-screening Repertoire

No. Title of Composition Composer/Arranger    Duration
1 min.
Please verify that all information submitted here is correct as it will be printed in the competition program book (if passing the Pre-screening Round).
I acknowledge and accept all rules and regulations of the competition.