Friday, January 31, 2020

13:30 -14:20 "Unlocking the 5 keys to World Music"

Leo Traversa - Bass

An in depth look into the 5 key elements that will expand your ability to play Latin, Brazilian, African, Caribbean, South American and other African influenced styles.
Not only will you explore different styles of World music but you'll discover the concepts that will take some of the mystery out of playing in these styles. The subjects discussed in this workshop are not only relevant to World Music styles but will also demonstrate how you can use them in your pop, rock, funk and jazz playing as well as in songwriting.

The class consists of lecture, demonstrations, play along tracks and handout sheets. A very fun and informative masterclass that will introduce new musical styles and expand your musical universe.

14:30-16:00 "Working Together At a Pro Level"

Ozmosys Omar Hakim - Drums, Kurt Rosenwinkel - Guitar, Rachel Z - keyboards, Linley Marthe - Bass

Each member of Ozmosys brings many years of personal experience to the stage. For this workshop, Ozmosys pulls back the curtain on how the band got together, how they work together in the different scenarios, how they compose as a group, and what life is like as an international touring musician. There will also be audience Q&A.

Saturday , February 1, 2020

10:00-10:50 "The Four Primary Scales of Jazz Improvisation"

Jeremy Monteiro - Piano

Jeremy Monteiro demystifies the art of jazz improvisation to beginners, classical musicians, or anyone who would like to solo while playing jazz standards. Monteiro unlocks the inner improviser in all musicians as he speaks about the four primary scales of jazz improvisations and shows that with a working knowledge of these four scales, a musician can improvise on any jazz standard.

11:00-11:50 "Drums and Bass in Jazz"

Charles Ruggerio - Drums & David Williams - Bass

The strong musical relationship between the drums and bass as part of a jazz ensemble is essential. Whether in a small jazz ensemble or in a large jazz ensemble, the connection of the bass and drums has proven to be the most important in the ultimate success of a jazz performance. Charles Ruggiero and David Williams will offer perspective and advice on how to build a strong rapport between these instruments in the Jazz idiom.

13:00-14:00 "The Anatomy of a II-V-I"

Jeremy Manasia - Piano

Understanding the harmonic progression of the II-V-I is critical for the soloist performing in the American art form known as Jazz. Jeremy Manasia will discuss this topic and offer ideas and strategies for the jazz soloist of any level. This clinic will include conversation, Q & A and live demonstration.

14:10-15:00 "Are you listening?"

Javon Jackson - Saxophone

The art form of Jazz is well chronicled through audio and video presentations. Are you listening and watching? How much are you listening and watching? Javon Jackson will discuss this topic and the importance of Jazz and the Jazz aesthetic.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

10:00-10:50 "Creating Jazz Community - Panel Discussion"

DC Jazz Collective

The DC Jazz Collective members will discuss activities, advocacy, and programs to foster a thriving jazz arts community. The panel includes Amy Bormet, founder of the Washington Women in Jazz Festival (, which promotes and highlights women in jazz; Herb Scott, founder of the Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation (, which organizes events and public advocacy on behalf arts and artists; and Will Stephens, founder of the DC Jazz Jam (, a long-running jazz jam session that brings together players and appreciators.

13:30-14:20 "The powerful rhythm of flamenco"

Jorge Pardo Trio

Flamenco combines different cultures established in the Iberian peninsular especially Andalucia. The powerful rhythm of flamenco, heritage of Africa, the traditional melodies with twists introduced by the Indian gypsies and the harmony's from the European schools are three of the musical disciplines that will be worked on in this workshop along with a mixture of traditional and modern examples.

14:30-15:50 "Creating the Fusion Jazz/Electronic Music of Loop Doctors"

Loop Doctors: Aron Romhanyi - Keyboards, Peter Szendofi - Drums

The Loop Doctors break down their unique approach to creating this crossroads style of music including the modern sounds of electronic music and elements of jazz improvisation. The hybrid clinic is a demonstration of their creative process from beginning to end. The audience can follow how they put together a song from composition to sound design creation.
The band will slice up one original tune to introduce how they combine each piece and introduce the electronic gadgets. Learn how they use different sounds from keyboards, triggers on the drums, pre-created loop, recorded loops, effects, and sounds from the acoustic drum set. After deconstructing the song, the whole tune will be performed to demonstrate how the complete product sounds, including the all the parts and phrases introduced.

16:00-17:00 "Listening from outside the band to Make your group sound good"

Rajiv Jayaweera - Drums, Chris Cheek - Saxophone, Adam Birnbaum - Piano, Carl Morgan - Guitar, Sam Anning - Bass

This workshop focuses on listening and learning to react within an ensemble. The group will focus on the fundamentals of how to be a better listener and making your band members sound as good as possible. They will also discuss common ways to respond to the things you hear and make intelligent musical decisions in real time.