26 Jan 2024

Moncef Genoud: Piano

Title of Masterclass: How to approach the different types of jazz
This masterclass focuses on a central question for all musicians trying their hand at jazz. How do you approach this music? A classical jazz concert is not performed in the same way as a modern jazz show.

Aya Sekine : Piano
Kuninori Tamamori : Trumpet

Life in Hi-Fly: Finding Your Lifelong Artistic Success
Discover your musical identity with Aya Sekine and Kuninori Tamamori in this jazz workshop. Break free from constraints through improvisation, explore collaboration, and define success in your artistic journey. From planning international tours to setting precise goals, delve into the essentials for enduring creative success.

Marko Churnchetz: Piano

Respect for the Song
The best jazz improvisers always respect the song which they improvise over, meaning that one can recognize the composition through their soloing. Knowing and being aware of the melody, harmony, rhythm and the structure of the tune deeply connects the improviser with the core of what that tune is. Marko Churnchetz will present some of the exercises to enhance solo playing."

Jonathan Kreisberg: Guitar

Creating New Language
Jonathan will discuss how to break down language from the masters and combine it with theoretical concepts to create new sounds for compositions and improvisations. Jonathan will discuss the "musical timeline" of history and how understanding this will help you to create and expand the language in the future.

Joe Martin: Bass

The "2" Feel and Beyond
Joe will discuss why it is important to have a deep understanding of the "2 feel" as a modern musician. He will discuss the importance of the rhythm, note choice, voice leading, and how to apply these traditional ideas to more modern situations. He will perform examples, using examples from the masters as well as standards and his original compositions to demonstrate these essential concepts.

Eric Harland: Drums

Rhythmic Conversations in Music
Eric discusses how to play your natural rhythm in soloing and song. He will explain how understanding polyrhythms and rhythmic independence is a pathway towards expanding your improvisations and compositions.
27 Jan 2024

Gabriele Buonasorte Quartet

Phrasing Construction in different music styles
Gabriele Buonasorte and group show their phrasing concepts through analysis of the composition techniques used in the Gabriele Buonasorte album, "It's Time".

Jochen Rueckert: Drums

"Band Leading Dos and Don'ts"
Jochen shares his findings on how to run a band from his 15 years of experience leading bands and 30 plus years of being a sideman. He will discuss how to choose music and musicians that will sound good, managing expectations, keeping a working band, making a set list, and writing down music for various settings. He'll point out some of the most common and avoidable mistakes he encountered over the years and answer any questions around the topic.

Mike Moreno: Guitar

"Standards from Film"
A history, culture, and harmony course on the origins, significance, and evolution of America's most recognized Jazz Standards that came from film scores during the Hollywood Studio Golden Age. Songs like Stella by Starlight, Days of Wine and Roses, There Will Never Be Another You, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing and more. We take a close look at the exact harmony used in the film scores, and how this harmony was manipulated by the master arrangers and recording artists from the 1930's all the way up to today on the most iconic recordings of these songs.

Matt Penman: Bass

"Time and Feel"
What does it mean to play with good time and a good feel? How can you work on it? In this masterclass Matt will discuss various ways to improve your personal time and rhythmic sense, as well as ways to develop a good feel that works in any situation and makes people want to play with you.

Seamus Blake: Saxophone

"Speaking the language of jazz"
Seamus will show how he went about learning Jazz vocabulary. He will then discuss the art of hearing what you play within the Jazz lexicon and expressing yourself melodically and rhythmically. He will demonstrate techniques and give examples. There will be a Q&A at the end.

III Marine Expeditionary Force Band (USA)

Tips/Techniques for Elevating Popular Music Arrangements in Your Style
Members of the III MEFB will lead a discussion on musical techniques for planning and arranging within a full band context , as well as answer questions about their oval stage performance.
28 Jan 2024

GĂ©raldine Laurent Trio (Workshop : EN*)

How to Prepare a Jazz Standard for Performance
GĂ©raldine Laurent Trio will present a re-appropriation of the standard jazz repertoire, including discussion and dialogue with attendees. Topics will consist of individual practice of one's instrument and how to bring that work into a group setting.

Candlelight Ficus

Body-Percussion Workshop
Simon Brugner (drummer) and Niki Waltersdorfer (Voice, Guitar) present a body-percussion workshop where they will work on a short performance involving the participants. It doesn't matter what instrument you play; body-percussion is for everyone.

The Loop Doctors with Alemay Fernandez
Aron Romhanyi: Keyboards
Peter Szendofi: Drums
Alemay Fernandez: Voice

How to Conduct a Band/Rehearsal/Sound check and Build Audience Rapport
Alemay Fernandez shares her years of experience on performance/stage-craft. With the accompaniment of The Loop Doctors, these three pro musicians explain how to engage with an audience as well as many other ideas for use on-the-gig such as planning a set list and on-the-spot arrangements. The Loop Doctors and Alemay will also show examples by performing some songs during the workshop.

Steven Feifke: Piano

Composing and Arranging Masterclass
Grammy winning arranger Steven Feifke walks through his process for his brand of composing and arranging.

Dan Chmielinski: Bass

Constructing Melodic Basslines Masterclass
Critically acclaimed and award winning Bassist, composer, Dan Chmielinski explains his ideas for creating melodic basslines.

Jonathan Pinson: Drums

How to Conduct and Support in a Band Setting
A Masterclass with Award-Winning Drummer and California Institute of the Arts Professor, Jonathan Pinson where he will invite the audience to help demonstrate how he conducts and supports a band in a performance setting.

Chad Lefkowitz-Brown: Saxophone

Improvisational Masterclass
Viral "Sax Phenom", Chad Lefkowitz- Brown (Chad LB) teaches his concepts for modern improvisational techniques.