27 Jan 2023

East Side Jazz Initiative

Different possible arrangements that you can have when playing in a quintet / sextet.

You have more colors/sounds available when playing in a quintet / sextet setting, than you do in a trio or quartet, so you can utilize these colors to make the presentation more interesting.

For ideas, I reference the great groups such as Horace Silver, Art Blakey, One For All, Miles Davis quintet , classic blue note/prestige albums.

And a different topic, but our drummer will touch upon the importance of bass and drums locking up on the quarter notes, when to play 2-feel bass line and when to walk.

Delfeayo Marsalis Trombone

You and your Peers

This clinic by Delfeayo Marsalis will focus on the necessity of studying the history of jazz music and the importance of staying connected to the current music being created by your peers.

Javon Jackson Tenor Saxophone

More than Notes

This master class with Javon Jackson will be for all jazz musicians at all levels. There will be discussion on jazz fundamentals and the business strategies necessary to sustain a career in music.

Jeremy Manas -Piano
David Williams -Bass
Willie Jones III -Drums

Jeremy Manasia
"Yes, all Three"

This workshop by Jeremy Manasia will highlight the piano and its ability to address melody, harmony, and rhythm. All at once!

David Williams
"Basically, the Bass"

This master class by David Williams will explore the jazz bass and the very important role it plays in the jazz rhythm section. Those roles include the harmony, the rhythm and where the "groove" begins.

Willie Jones III
"Is it Swinging"

This clinic by Willie Jones III will provide information to jazz drummers of all levels on the techniques and strategies necessary to be a "swinging" jazz drummer. Don't miss this clinic!
28 Jan 2023

Luca Ciarla, Mike Del Ferro, Maurizio Perrone

A creative approach to jazz and improvisation

Is jazz a musical style or a creative approach to music? Or both? Would it be possibile to rethink any sort of music, from classical to ethcnic traditions, and give them new energy with a jazz approach? Luca, Mike and Maurizio will present some possibile ideas and creative paths to follow.

Luca Ciarla, Mike Del Ferro, Maurizio Perrone

How to develop a career as a jazz artist

Often very talented musicians don't know how to relate with presenters, agents, record label and so forth. The world of jazz and music in general has also changed and more and more artists run their own career with their production houses and labels. Luca, Mike and Maurizio talks about how to successfully move in the music jungle.

Sketchbook Quartet

Sketchbook Quartet - Ensemble Workshop

Developing motivic and rhythmic ideas for composition and improvisation. In the course of our workshop, we will analyze two original compositions of ours and will work on their specific motivic and rhythmic structure. We will give you input and ideas on how to approach writing music and use motivic development as a tool. Furthermore, we will dip into "odd-meter" playing and check out concepts to feel comfortable to improvise over all kinds of rhythmical structures.
29 Jan 2023

Sandro Roy Unity Duo

Various Elements of Improvisation in Jazz for guitar / violin / Piano

Style: Bebop, gypsy Jazz and some modern hardbop
For all kinds of players, we will work with an easy Song
Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt ( A minor ) and Billies Bounce by Charlie Parker ( G Blues )

Laurent De Wilde Trio

Composition and Arrangement as Applied To The Trio

As a complement to their concert dedicated to Thelonious Monk's music, Laurent de Wilde and his trio will explain how one can arrange and transform somebody else's compositions into music of one's own and distribute it evenly between the musicians of the band.

Pekka Pylkkanen

The title was 'Talking Jazz'

Introduction to the "Language" of Jazz During the workshop the listeners/students will have the opportunity to get in touch with the basic principles of the Jazz idiom, the goal is to understand the "tactics" and "techniques" used in this type of music from side of the executor.

Topics to be discussed:
1) From the score to the music: It is known that the writing methods in Jazz represent a very small part of the performance itself, the score serves as a "guide" containing a small piece of information that is far from the
final result, ways of reading such a score will be discussed with examples.
2) Interaction tactics between performers (group playing and interaction): the interaction of the students is desirable.
3) Melodic lines and phrases in Jazz, use and development: examples of melodic lines and ways of their development by the performer, exercises and examples. 4)Answering questions from the participants.

Kyle Poole

Rhythm, Drumset, and Dance

This workshop with drummer Kyle Poole will focus on Kyle's holistic approach to jazz drums. It will cover the many roles a drummer has, and also how the cymbal beat, the bass drum, and overall feel can help the music to dance.

Philip Norris

Jazz Bass: A Big Beat, Open Ears, and Technique

Philip Norris will explore what it takes to be a professional bassist at the highest level. He will cover what it takes to support different musicians, and also how to project ideas with clarity.

Emmet Cohen

Jazz: How to Play, Listen, and Find Deeper Meaning

This workshop will explore the deeper and spiritual values jazz has to offer. It will cover a broad range of topics from how to communicate musical ideas, interpret a melody, and improvise with other musicians.