TIJC Lifetime Achievement Award 2020




TIJC Lifetime Achievement Award 2020

Padung Kumlertsakul was born in Bangkok on May 25th, 1943. He began his musical life at Taweethapisek School where he joined the brass section in the school marching band under the direction of Mr. Sawaeng Butnampetch. The baritone was the first instrument he chose to pursue as his major musical interest. After graduating from Taweethapisek, Padung enrolled at Thonburi Commercial College where he developed an interest in western popular music. There, he acquainted himself with guitar skills that would eventually play a major role in his music career. During his college years, he came across an opportunity to be a part of the band "Yuwasilp", founded by Vichai Eungamporn, a legendary Thai saxophonist. His connection with Yuwaslip opened a new career path for Padung and it was then and there he decided to begin playing music as a profession. From that point he started performing at nightclubs alongside many famous vocalists such as Srisalai Suchatwut, and Nadda Wiyakarn.

Jazz entered Padung's life unexpectedly when he heard Barney Kessel, an American jazz guitarist, on the radio. Using just his ears and a little bit of imagination, Padung took what he heard from Kessel's playing and applied it to his own approach, resulting in a very unique style of guitar playing. Moreover, he is also an excellent pianist. Because of his unique sound and multi-instrumental abilities, it was not long before he became one of the most sought-after jazz musicians in Thailand. To this day, he is known as one of the A level jazz musicians throughout the local jazz community as well as internationally. Playing for over 50 years in the jazz scene, Padung has performed alongside renowned Thai and Filipino artists including Somjet Juranagoses (guitar), Prasarn Sudasna Na Ayudhya (double bass), Mongkorn Peekaew (drums), and Narding Aristorenas (Saxophone). Padung has proven himself to be one of the greatest and most valuable pioneers of the Thai jazz community.

Therefore, we proudly present the TIJC Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 to Mr. Padung Kumlertsakul for his great contribution to the development of Thailand's Jazz scene and society.

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