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Wonderful Kinmi Band!

กำลังแสดง image1.JPGEvery year Mahidol University’s Faculty of Medicine organises The SIPIstar Under the Moonlight Music Awards. Competitors cannot be from the Faculty of Medicine. There is no age restriction. The purpose of the competition is to promote and choose bands for the annual Hail Night Concert of the Faculty of Medicine.

The first round of the competition is held on Facebook. Video clips must be submitted before 5th of December 2015. There were 32 entries with 8 bands selected from judges and 2 from likes on Facebook. The Pre-College band Kinmi received the most likes (The popular vote). These 10 bands then performed at The SIPIstar second round with the 10 competitor, held on 26 January 2016.

Only three out of the 10 bands go through to perform at the Hail Night concert on 19th of Feb, with the famous Thai Pop Band Cocktail leading. The final three are chosen by 70% of the score coming from the judges and 30% from the popular vote.
Kinmi received a score of 90/100 and was of the three bands selected to support Cocktail at Hail Night.

Kinmi Band members

Sirichada ruamrudeekul – Singer
Methasit Songjun – Bassist
Pupa Penrungruangkul – Guitarist
Wisarut Semkum – Drummer
Patis Intaramaha – Pianist