*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2020

Rules and Regulations

Music Library and Computer Lab

Rules and Regulations
1. Library Resources
1.1 General Collection/Borrowed materials:
1.1.1 Thai/International academic journals and books
1.2 Special Loan Collection /Restricted materials (For library-Use only):
1.2.1 Thai/International Music Scores
1.2.2 Reference books
1.2.3 Research
1.2.4 Thesis
1.2.5 Magazines
1.2.6 Newspaper
1.2.7 Mahidol University publishing
1.2.8 CD, VDO, cassette, and gramophone record

2. Eligibility and Identification
2.1 Students
2.1.1 Student ID card
2.1.2 1’’ or 2’’ photo
2.2 Faculty and employees/staff
2.2.1 Employee ID card
Public users are not eligible to apply for a membership but required to pay 20 Baht for each library access and service. Moreover, you are not allowed to borrow books outside the library unless you will copy the original text and return it within 2 hours.

3. Privileges of Library cardholder
The library only provides privileges to any registered students, faculty members, and staff in the College of Music Community. Library cards are not transferable and will be honored only when presented by the legitimate cardholders. Patrons shall be subject to the borrowing regulations, which pertain to the general collection and to all special loan collections within the Library loan system.
The loan period and borrowing limit for any material circulating in the General Collection depends on borrower category as summarized below:
High School/College students: 5 items /7 days
Master/PhD students: 10 items /14 days
Faculty: 15 items /14 days
Employees/Staff: 5 items /14 days
Lending and Use Policy:
– Students must present your student ID for all registration services.
– General material must be returned and renewed at the service desk. Renewals are not allowed if another patron has requested the book or when a patron’s privileges are suspended. There is a three-time renewal limit for any materials loaned from the Library.

4. Fine and Overdue charges
A fine can be imposed on anyone returning an overdue book/material. The rate is determined as follows:
4.1 General book: 10 baht/day
4.2 Reference book: 10 baht/hour (If it is overdue more than 2 hours)
4.3 CD: 10 baht/day

5. Overdue loan
Books must be returned by the due date or earlier if recalled by the Librarian. Failure to return a book by the date specified will be treated as a serious offence, no matter whatever circumstances. The Library will endeavor to post overdue notices in front of the building in case of items returned late more than 14 days. In addition, the borrowing privileges will be suspended until the fines have been paid.

6. Withdrawal privileges
6.1 Expired Student ID card or on completion of study.
6.2 For those who have fines outstanding of 50 Baht or more.
6.3 For those who borrow overdue materials more than 15 days.
6.4 For those who exceed the borrowing limit.

7. Penalty
7.1 Notification in front of the Library for outstanding overdue.
7.2 An overdue notice to borrowers.
7.3 The borrowing privileges will be suspended until all overdue materials have been returned and fines have been paid.
7.4 MU course registration and transcripts are withheld for students whose privileges have been suspended.
7.5 Assess penalties and appeal to the University Board Committee
7.6 Prosecution

8. Loss and Damage
Borrowers will be held responsible for materials out on loan. If the material or book is lost or damaged, an immediate report should be made to the Librarian to enable appropriate action to be taken.
8.1 If the material is not damaged beyond repair, the librarian will estimate the fine for repair.
8.2 If the material is lost, a borrower has to replace the material lost by purchasing it him/herself. He/She is expected to pay the cost of replacement or repair. Replacement costs include the cost of the item, plus overdue fines.
8.3 If the CD is lost, a borrower has to pay the replacement fee for 100 baht/CD and provide an empty CD with its box. He/She may also be billed overdue charges for materials not returned by the due time given at checkout.

A) Listening Rooms
1. Students must present your student ID for all registration services and fill out a request form for multimedia tools and equipment such as CD/DVD/VDO players, stereo cassette and headphones.
2. Borrowing limit is only 1 at a time. The new item can’t be borrowed without first returning material.
3. It is the responsibility of the borrower to check the promptness of the equipment before use at checkout. Please notify the library staff immediately if the materials are in damaged conditions.
4. Please turn off the switch and pull out the plug each time after use. Return the tools and equipment to the library staff as well as record the time items returned.
5. Food and drinks are not permitted inside the listening rooms.

B) Computer Lab and IT Facilities
1. Service
1.1 The lab is only provided to any members of the College of Music community.
1.2 Students must present your card each time you borrow library materials.
1.3 Although the libraries do not monitor or censor the use of computers by library users, please respect others’ desires not to disturb others or create an intimidating, hostile and offensive environment for them.
1.4 Food and drinks are not permitted inside the computer lab.
2. Computer Lab
2.1 Borrow – Loan headphones
2.2 Print and Photocopying in Black ink
2.3 MS WiFi
2.4 40-seat Theatre
3. Service Fee for Printing and Photocopying cost:
3.1 Black and White: 3 Baht/page
3.2 Color may vary depends on the size starting from: 10 Baht/page
4. Services that are not provided by the library:
4.1.1 Copy or Burn CD/DVD
4.1.2 Borrow or use programs out of library areas
4.1.3 Install programs into personal computers or personal use
*Adopted July 11, 2011 by College of Music, Mahidol University.