*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2020

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The College of Music has various types of professional bands that can be invited to perform outside the college as part of the academic services to the community. The main purpose of this service is to provide opportunities for students to perform in a professional manner. Those who want to invite our bands to perform in their events will be charged for the expenses of the rehearsal, the purchase of note books, payment for students, teaching and travel expenses, etc. For those who are interested, please contact the Students Activities Section, Tel. 02-800-2525 ext 3109

Types of Performances

Large Ensemble

  • Choir Our choir has regular performances such as the concert of each semester as well as performances outside the college such as Thailand Cultural Center and the Conference Hall of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The singers of the Pop Orchestra are also invited to sing in several occasions. There is a variety of the songs they sing such as classical, opera and pop.
  • String Chamber Orchestra The String Chamber Orchestra mainly consists of string instruments and mostly performs classical or light classical music in each semester of the college. It is usually invited to perform in a rather formal event outside the college.
  • Wind Bands The Mahidol University Wind Band Program is comprised of three performing ensembles, the Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, and Young Artist Band. All three ensembles provide the highest quality musical experiences for students by rehearsing and performing quality music written by prominent composers. Performing in a band at Mahidol University provides challenging musical opportunities and experiences that are relevant to those who are planning on careers in music.
    • Wind Symphony The Mahidol Wind Symphony is a band of 50 highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students, chosen by audition, and performs a varied repertoire of the highest quality literature for winds. Members of the Wind Symphony will also perform concerts of chamber winds repertoire each semester. The Wind Symphony is dedicated to professional level performance while fostering the musical growth of its members.
    • Symphonic Band The Mahidol Symphonic Band is a select ensemble of approximately 80 musicians, chosen by audition. The Symphonic Band provides a challenging musical environment for skilled performers by performing repertoire that ranges from works for chamber winds, to standards of the band literature, to brand-new works for the medium.
    • Young Artist Band The Young Artist Band is a 70-member ensemble comprised of the most talented younger musicians on campus. Students are able to join the band without audition. The band provides an educational experience and serves as a musical outlet for students who wish to remain musically active in a less intense setting.
  • Jazz Big Band Our Jazz Big Band is a “dance band” which consists of the following instruments: 2 Alto Saxophones, 2 Tenor Saxophones, 1 Baritone Saxophone, 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones; and Rhythm Section which consists of drums, keyboard, guitar and bass. Our Jazz Big Band performs Jazz music as well as modern music with singers and/or occasional guest singers.
  • Pop Orchestra Pop Orchestra is a big band which consists of singers and musicians who play various kinds of instruments such as string, woodwind, saxophone, brass, piano and rhythm section. It performs in every semester and is also invited to perform in special occasions such as the anniversary of academic institutes, concerts of Revolution Songs, and the musicals. Every performance needs to be well prepared and arranged as the band consists of many musicians and singers. This kind of band usually performs on special occasions.

Thai Classical Ensemble

The students who play Thai classical instruments are invited to perform in various occasions e.g. the Cultural Exchange Festival at Corfu, Greece in 2007. It also won several awards from the competitions at local and national levels. There are various types of Thai classical ensemble as follows:

  • Piphat ensemble which consists of Ranad ek, Ranad thum and different types of percussion. Piphat ensemble can be divided into different types such as Piphat mai khaeng, Piphat mai nuam, Piphat nang hong, Piphat Mon. Piphat ensemble of the college performs every semester and is invited to perform in various occasions all through the year.
  • String ensemble and Mixed String ensemble which mainly consists of Thai string instruments such as Sor duang, Sor ou, Sor sam sai, Khim and Jakhae with non-string instruments such as Ranad. The ensemble performs every semester and is invited to perform in various occasions all through the year.
  • Mahori ensemble which is a big ensemble that consists of various types of instruments and perform specific types of songs. The ensemble performs every semester and is invited to perform in various occasions all through the year.

Small Ensemble

Small Ensemble Small ensembles normally consist of students who gather to practice and perform together in order to increase their skills. There are currently several types of small ensembles as follows:

  • String Quartet consists of Violin I, Violin II, Viola and Cello. This kind of ensemble performs classical, light classical as well as modern music in a rather formal event, with not so big audience.
  • Saxophone Quartet consists of 4 types of saxophone: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone. This kind of ensemble performs various kinds of songs that are specially arranged such as popular music, classical music, Jazz and songs composed by H.M. the King. It can perform in a variety of events.
  • Brass Quintet consists of Trumpet I, Trumpet II, Horn, Trombone and Tuba, performing Standard Repertoire such as classical and popular music. It can perform in a variety of events including formal occasions.
  • Woodwind Quintet consists of Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon, performing classical music which is Standard Repertoire of the band as well as other songs that are specially arranged.
  • Jazz Ensemble This small-size band usually consists of one instrument such as violin performed with another instrument such as guitar, piano or rhythm section and a singer.
  • Normally members of this kind of band perform together by special arrangement.

In addition to the above mentioned ensemble, the College can provide other types of ensemble according to the requests.