The Ideal Candidate:

We would like to see your personality, your strengths, your love of performing and what makes you unique.

We will also assess your skills:

► Vocal and Musical Ability : The Candidate’s awareness of pitch, sense of rhythm, vocal quality and articulation that is clear and appropriate to the context of the song or monologue.

► Physical Awareness : The candidate’s general poise and stage deportment, freedom and ease of movement, general posture and use of hands and arms to gesture will be carefully observed. The faculty will also note the candidate’s ability to learn a basic dance combination and perform it with accuracy and style.

► Communication Skills : The Candidate’s communication with the audience and involvement with the subject of the song or monologue. Within the audition, the faculty will ascertain if the candidate has a thorough understanding of the song or monologue’s text, displays of a range of emotions and possesses the ability to share these with an audience.

► Development of Style : The integration of the techniques of acting, voice and movement into the successful performance of selections from the musical theatre repertoire.

► English speaking/writing/listening abilities: Since the Music Theatre courses will be taught by international instructors and the students are expected to perform the repertoire and do productions in English, the ability to be fluent in English is necessary.