*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2017

Master of Arts Program in Music Education (Special Program)

Master of Arts Program in Music Education (Special Program)

1. Program

Master of Arts Program in Music Education (Special Program)

2. Degree and Major

          Name  :         Master of Arts (Music Education)

Initials  :         M.A. (Music Education)

 3. Philosophy and the importance of the program

The objectives of the Master of Arts Program in Music Education (Special Program) are to produce the music educator equipped with the music teaching skills, knowledgeable in music, as well as capable of conducting research and developing the new knowledge from research.  The graduates from this Master of Arts Program in Music Education are also expected to adapt to the social and cultural context of the education in the current time.

4. Program Objectives

The program objectives are to provide increased knowledge, ability, and education for teachers who have music degrees as well as those who teach music but do not have degrees in the field in order to elevate the quality of music teaching among these teachers to a level comparable to that of a music educator with a Master’s degree by developing desirable characteristics as follows:

  1. Be moral and ethical in academic and professional activities.
  2. Be capable of integrating science into music education and instruction.
  3. Have knowledge and ability in the analysis and synthesis of various issues in music education, as well as seeking ways to solve problems in research, application of knowledge, and musical development.
  4. Demonstrate good interpersonal relations and leadership, work well with others in groups, organize various musical activities according to students’ needs and abilities, and respond to the needs of the community.
  5. Be an academic musician with expertise in communication and the use of modern information technology within the profession.

5. Programe Spectifications

5.1 Education

The program Spectifications have a format consisting of a set of 5 Module courses, Masters Comprehensive Examination and an oral defend of a Thematic Paper. Courses are typically 3 credits hours and require 45 hours of class time. Each course will start from Monday through Saturday within one week.

Module Courses

Calendar Course Registration
Module 1 June – August 1 Core Elective ,  2  Electives
Module 2 September – November 2  Core Electives,  1  Elective
End of Semester December
Module 3 January – February 2 Elective
Module 4 March – May 3  Core Subjects / Summer Residency + Comprehensive Examination
Module 5 June – September Thematic Paper

5.2  Venue 

College of Music, Mahidol University

5.3  Requirements

  1. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in any field with the minimum GPA of 2.50 from an institute certified by Office of the Higher Education Commission
  2. At least tree-to-five-year working experience as an early childhood, elementary or secoundary music teacher (The applicant must be an inservice music teacher.)
  3. A letter of approval written by school principal that shows the permission for the applicant to apply and study in this degree.

6. Scholarship

Department of Education Metropolitan Administration and Office of The Basic Education Commission offer the scholarship 280,000 baht for successful candidate.

7. Admission and Entrance Exam

Applicants must pass entrance examination organized by Department of Education Metropolitan Administration and Office of The Basic Education Commission

 8. Curriculum

      8.1  Total credits  not less than 36 credits

      8.2 Curriculum Structure

As per the announcement of The Ministry of Education of Education Graduate Program Standard Criteria B.E. 2548

Core Subjects Courses 18 credits
-Core Subject 9 credits
-Core Elective 9 credits
Elective Courses not less than 15 credits
Thematic Paper 3 credits
Total credits  not less than 36 credits

9. Examples of Courses taught

  • English for Music Educator, Technology for Music Educator, Seminar in Music Education Research
  • Music for Early Childhood Education, Music Teaching Methods for Elementary School, Music Teaching Methods for Secondary School
  • Minor Music Performance, Major Music Performance, Whistling, Leaf-Blowing, Percussion
  • Teaching Methods in Ear Training , Pedagogy Seminar in Western Music Theory, Music Pedagogy of Suzuki Method, Music Pedagogy of Kodaly Concept, Music Pedagogy of Orff-Schulwerk ,Pedagogy of Dalcroze Eurhythmics
  • Choral Pedagogy, Music Ensemble Pedagogy, Marching Band Pedagogy

10. Administrative Program Committee

  1. Assoc. Prof. Sugree Charoensook                       Program Chair
  2. Assist. Prof. Dr. Anak Charanyananda              Committee
  3. Dr. Sanong Klangprasri                                       Committee
  4. Dr. Preeyanan Promtsookkul                             Committee and Secretary
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