*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2020

อาจารย์ภาควิชาดนตรีวิทยาโปรโมทคอนเสิร์ต “London Symphony Orchestra” ที่คลื่น F.M. 92.00 MHz.

On May 10, 2018 Borwonpong Supasopon (Musicology) had an interview with Educational Radio Station, “Tales of the Musicians” with DJ Kae, to promote the “London Symphony Orchestra” concert 6-7 June 2018 at Prince Mahidol Hall, Mahidol University. The show will be broadcast on F.M. 92.00 MHz, on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 May 2018 at 23.10