*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2020

Doctor of Music Program

 Doctor of Music Program (D.M.)
International Program


Purpose and Rationale

The primary objective of the Doctor of Music degree is to prepare artist-pedagogues for careers in higher education and in the professional world.

The D.M. major in Music Performance emphasizes artistic development at the highest professional level. All students engaged in this program of study receive in-depth instruction in a broad knowledge of performance, literature and pedagogical studies. Graduates of the program are expected to achieve professional success as performers on the national and international levels, as well as, obtaining positions teaching in university settings. The specializations for the D.M. in Performance and Pedagogy include Western classical music and Thai traditional music.

The D.M. major in Music Composition is for students who demonstrate a high level of creative ability in writing and arranging music and have a strong interest in its theoretical aspects. Students who complete a degree in this field are expected to achieve professional success as composers, arrangers, theorists or composition teachers, film composers, commercial orchestrators, or transcribers.

The D.M. major in Conducting prepares students for careers in higher education and in the professional world. During the program of study, students will study repertoire and technique specific to ensembles in both major and secondary areas. Demonstration of knowledge, skills, expressive fluency and general conducting competency will be developed through public performance preparation.


English is used for all instruction except for Thai music. The Doctoral Dissertation must be written in English.

Program Length

Coursework and Recitals 2 Years
Dissertation 2 Years
Total 4 Years

Program Structure

Basic Courses Non-credit
Core Courses 4 Credits
Required Courses 14 Credits
Elective Courses 6 Credits
Recitals and Dissertation 36 Credits
Total 60 Credits

Doctoral Recitals and Dissertation

The final project, Doctoral Recitals and Dissertation, requires students to perform two solo recitals, one lecture recital and write the Dissertation, a book-length original research project in the student’s major area of study.

Work-Study Trip

All students will attend an international academic work-study trip to a conference or other major event in their area of study.

Tuition and Fees

Year 1 Sem 1 149,300 ฿
Sem 2 70,600 ฿
Year 2 Sem 1 72,300 ฿
Sem 2 67,800 ฿
 Year 3 Sem 1 195,300 ฿
Sem 2 32,600 ฿
 Year 4 Sem 1 33,300 ฿
Sem 2 32,600 ฿
 Total 645,800 ฿

Entrance Qualifications

Students must have a Master’s degree in music performance, composition, or conducting from an accredited university and have a GPA of not less than 3.5

  • English Proficiency test

IELTS  not less than 5  or
TOEFL-IBT not less than 61  or
TOEFL-ITP not less than 500

Admissions Requirements

  • Audition
  • TIME Music Exams (Music Theory/History)
  • English Proficiency (TOEFL, etc.)