*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2017

Dean’s Welcome

Mahidol University is recognized the world over for it’s vital contributions to medical science and so some may wonder why is the College of Music so important to the Mahidol Community, to Thailand and to our community in general ?

Music is an essential component of the human experience and has been part of our universal experiences almost since primitive human beings discovered fire. It soothes our minds, brings us joy and, through creativity, brings us a quality of life no matter of our economic means or social background. In many ways it is an integral part of our well being and health.

The College of Music, Mahidol University offers a very special contribution to the University, Thailand and our region. It exists to transform lives through excellence in music teaching, performance, creative activities, research, and service.

Toward these ends, the College endeavors to:

  • prepare musicians for professional careers and leadership in music teaching, performance, composition, research, and related fields;
  • guide students in the attainment of academic, spiritual, vocational, cultural, and social values through professional training, musicianship, and the liberal arts concept;
  • provide educational and cultural resources to the University, community, and regional constituencies through concerts, workshops, adjudication, research, creative activity, and other professional services;
  • serve as a cultural and educational center of excellence for the nation.

At the 1st South East Asian Music Director’s Conference, hosted by our College, we discovered that in many parts of the world music graduates find seeking employment easier than many graduates. Why is this? Music graduates are well rounded, regardless of the degrees of expertise in music skill. A music student needs to be an independent learner, with a high degree of self discipline, yet be a strong team player; be an effective problem solver, and possess high levels of critical and creative thinking skills.

The College of Music, Mahidol University, as the first music conservatory in Thailand, offers various degree programs, including Pre-College, Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral programs. Areas of study include Performance, Jazz Studies, Thai and Oriental Music, Music Composition, Music Technology, Music Business, Music Entertainment, Music Therapy, Music Education, Music Pedagogy, Musicology, and Conducting.

The College of Music has 1,064 students, including 267 pre-college students, 623 undergraduate students, 129 masters students, and 36 doctoral students, with 108 full time and 85 part time faculty, many of which are recognized nationally and internationally for their accomplishments as performers, composers and scholars in the profession, as well as for their commitment to teaching.

I thank you for your interest and look forward to you discovering more about our College.

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