*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2020

Campus Life

Life in the College of Music, Mahidol University

An Ideal Music Community

The way of life of the students and staff of the College of Music, Mahidol University, is perfect as an ideal music community. The students who come to study here will find themselves in a concentrated, high standard teaching and learning environment. They will also have the chance to get to know the real world outside the class rooms by participating in all kinds of all year–round music activities offered in and outside of the college. As a large college that has all areas of music, the students will have opportunity to choose the way of learning and participating in all kinds of music activities of their own choice. The College of Music has buildings which are fully equipped with facilities for teaching, learning and working in all music areas. For example, rehearsal rooms for solo instruments, rehearsal rooms for ensemble, computer lab, midi lab, music library, audio-visual room, class room, meeting room, etc.

The College of Music has a peaceful environment, surrounded by beautiful natural settings. Therefore, people who live, work, and study here would have good concentration suitable for music rehearsing or performing. The College provided activity spaces for concert performance or other kinds of events related to music. There are recital rooms of all sizes and music auditorium often serve as the performing/lecturing centre for the Thai and International musician – artists. Students and faculty will benefit from being in a lively, exciting, stimulating environment all year round and will also be able to present their own works. Most importantly, the Thai and international staff at the College of Music are experts in all fields of music and are therefore ready to give their best in practical and theory to the class and individual students.

Transportation and Communication

Although the College of music situates in the suburb of Bangkok, it is not too faraway. One can travel to the college conveniently. The Boromaratchachonnani elevated Road was build to connect the bridges over Chaophraya River and eases the traffic in this area. There are many main high ways to this area: Petchkasem-Pinklao road, Bangbuathong-Bangpa-in road, etc.

Mahidol University provides free shuttle bus for staff and students during working hours. For details, please check the time table at Dean’s Office, Mahidol University, Salaya.

There are many public buses: 84ก. (Klongsan-Salaya) 515 (Victory Monument – Salaya) 124 (Sanamluang – Rajamangkala University of Technology, Salaya Campus) 124 A (Sanamluang – Kanjanapisek Witthayalai Nakornpathom School) 125 (Bangsue Junction – Rattanakosinsompoch Borvornnivej Salaya), etc. There are also Central Pinklao – Salaya minibus from Central Pinklao department store. The other alternative convenient route is to travel by train. You can travel from Thonburi station or Bangkok station to Salaya station at the rear entrance of Mahidol University, Salaya.


For students who from another provinces or those who do not want to commute from their houses to the college every day, there are dormitories and Mahidol University’s condominium for students. Students could also rent private dormitory which are plenty around the Salaya campus area.


At the Salaya campus, there is a large cafeteria selling low price food. Each college also has their own cafeteria. There are plenty of restaurants in the area around the University, including the 24 hours mini – mart.


There is a university post office from where students can easily send letters and parcels.

Health and Dental Service

Mahidol University provides health care services for students in general health and dental care, for more information please find student health services in Student Affairs

The College of Music’s students can use the Mahidol University’s sport facilities, which includes both indoor and outdoor facilities and large swimming pool.

Travel, Arts and Cultures in the Vicinity

Mahidol University, Salaya Campus, has a vast area with a beautiful environment suitable for relaxation, biking, or jogging. There are beautiful natural areas, for example, the Thai house, the pond, the Herb Garden, the Musica Arboretum.

The Salaya community and Nakhonpathom province is famous for many travel spots and historical – cultural heritage sites for example: Phuttamonthon, River Market Don Wai, River Market Lumphaya, Wax Museum, Rose Garden, etc.