*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2020

Application Processes and Admission Handbook

Application processes are following:


Process Detail
1. Admission Application
  1. Choose Apply menu (Apply Now)
  2. Complete the Online Application Form (Complete the form and pay*)
  3. Complete the Application Materials in pdf file format and send to https://forms.gle/bzTxvCC6JMWjREqVA
2. Check for admission status. All information and all announcements will be announced online (log-in, COMMAS)
3. Examination place Online Test

* Pre-College program and Bachelor program, application fee 1,500 baht
* Master programs  and Doctoral programs, application fee 3,000 baht.

Additional Information

  • College of Music organizes four round of admission per academic year. For applicant who can not pass the admission, College of Music will keep the score (for the pass subjects) to use within the same academic year of application, and applicant will be able to use it for the next round (if needed)
  • In order to re-use the pass score, applicant must print the proof for the “pass” of the specific subject in previous round from the COMMAS system and send it together with the new application request.

Admissions Handbook for Academic year 2022-2023