*The College of Music, Mahidol University has been reviewed according to the MusiQuE standards in 2020

About the Library

About The Jiew Bangsue Music Library

History of Jiew Bangsue Music Library

Jiew Bangsue Music Library is established in 2003 after the Bhoomiphol Sangkeet building is finished. The College of Music used to rent the second floor building in Rajasuda foundation as the library of College of Music before. After the first building in College of Music has done the library got moved to G floor of the building A. Later, in 2008 the College of Music has finished building the new building, so the Music library got moved another time to the second floor of the building C.
The Music library provides a various kind of resources for music such as; E-resources, computers, and internet which are support teaching & learning music for faculties, staff, students and general people who are interested in it. The Music library provides the resources and also collects the information to support the research and so on.

In 2010 the Music library has changed its name to be “Jiew Bang Sue Music library” to honor doctor Chotrisri Tarab who is one of the patronages of the classical music and the College of Music. She always supports the library by give some textbooks, publishing materials, and the music CD to the library.

Doctor Jiew Biography

Doctor Chotrisri Tarab or Dr. Jiew was born in October 6th 2462. Her dad was one of the major rebel in the Bavoradesh rebellion, so her lastname was in the blacklist, which was not allowed her family to serve the government. Moreover, MD. Chotrisri Tarab graduated elementary grades from Rajinibon School. Then, she continued her education in medical school and graduated from the University of Medicine and Siriraj Hospital( Mahidol University at present )

She was a known doctor, who is dedicated herself to the community, so her patients named her as “Mother Maw Jiew” in Thai Maw means a doctor. In addition, she also has the background in Western art and literacy from her father. Later, she began her writing by using the name of Na Petch Phoom, and her first novel is “Kaewta”. Her novel become famous and popular since it got published in Nikorn Arthith Magazine. M.D. Chotrisri also translated the poem from English into Thai in “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes. In fact, she uses the name as Jiew Bangsue to be her author’s name, so many readers misunderstood her as a man for many years. Moreover, the poem she translated got published into magazines such as Kittisan Magazine, Chao Krung Magazine, and Siam Nikorn Sunday.