MU Choir Wins Awards at Slovakia Cantat Choir Competition 2013

Apr 27,2013 —Mahidol University Choir (MU Choir) was awarded Silver Medals from Slovakia Cantat 2013 Choir Compeition, held in Bratislava, Slovakia. The awards recieved where in the catagories of Mixed Youth Choir (age 21 and under) and Spiritual, Gospel Acapella. The festival was held between April 25-27, 2013. Joining the MU Choir in performance at the competition was conductor Rit Subsomboon and pianist Teeranai Jirasirikul.
Music performed for the mixed choir catagory included a Traditional Thai song Lao Duang Duen, Gloria Patri by John Rutter and Gabriel by Paul Caldwell and Sean Lvory. For the Spiritual, Gospel Acapella catagory, the group performed He's Alive by Marshall White, We shall Walk Through the Valley by Moses Hogan, and Sinnuh Please Don't Let this Harvest Pass and Battle of Jericho by Moses Hogan.
The competition featured 29 participants from countries such as Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Slovenia, Ukraine, Denmark, Hungary and Thailand. The composition also featured combined public choir performances in a show of musical brotherhood.